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Island Living

Posted: 30th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Island living means many things to us native Vancouver Islanders, and the truth of it is expressed in our local architecture.  Many of our homes are designed with classic architectural elements and features, creating a wealth of heritage styled homes in the area that showcases the essence of life on the island.  For it’s our […]

The future is very murky for this grand old hotel, its next chapter remains to be written.  It’s been a while since Mrs. Toad and I were on the west coast of Vancouver Island on a photo-excursion and when we recently visited the Sooke area and found this landmark in its current state it was […]

A little fixer-upper, needs a touch of paint, some insulation, some new siding, and a few other odds and sods.  Situated right on the beach, or well, near it anyways, this lovely little starter home looks out over some of the finest views on Vancouver Island.  It comes complete with a leaky rowboat that requires […]

Headlights In The Field

Posted: 23rd September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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It’s a real good thing I never grew up here.  I would have been in and out of the hospital non-stop for tetanus shots and to sew back on appendages that would have mysteriously been liberated from my body.  No matter how hard my mom would have tried, it would have been pointless, there’s no […]

Blue Grouse Estate Winery

Posted: 18th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’re constantly amazed by the things we discover in the Cowichan Valley.  Our local services and offerings are becoming very well known on a broader scale with our attention to quality and detail.  One of these industries is the burgeoning wine industry on Vancouver Island.  Join us as we visit Paul and Cristina Brunner at […]

Please be warned that you may need a tetanus shot after reading today’s post, my friends.  Today we’re heading back to the Metchosin Pioneer Museum, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where we are continuing our long-running photoblog series “The Antiques Toad Show“.  This is a special place, one you can return to often and discover […]

Growing up I wanted to be lot’s of different things; a cowboy, a lawyer, a rock star…  but never really gave much thought to being a school bus driver.  We’ve all seen the reports of ill-behaved children and all the problems they can cause for the bus driver, and quite honestly this notion never really […]

Topaz Adjust Review

Posted: 9th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Review
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Introduction Topaz Labs is an industry leader in post-processing plug-ins and tools for the photographer who expects more from their imagery.  Their tools are some of the most advanced in the market, yet their continued focus on delivering products that balance both incredible power with intuitive user interfaces is one of the key factors that […]

This summer we invested in some new camera gear, a Canon 6D camera and lens.  Shortly after getting it my friend ehpem, who hosts a terrific photoblog called “burnt embers“, and I got together to explore the inherent beauty found in the castle and gardens located at the Hatley Park National Historic Site in Victoria.  […]

Creative Cloud Alternatives

Posted: 5th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review

There has been a lot of discussion lately circulating around Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering in terms of photography post-processing tools.  Many software companies are moving towards a monthly subscription model and in some cases this works fine for artists, but in other cases many of us would like Creative Cloud alternatives.  Our favorite post-processing tool […]