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Some experiences leave an indelible mark, one that you carry with you through the years.  We’re heading back to George Sawchuk’s Wacky Woods in our running photoblog series “Two Toads in Wonderland” where we found a treasure-trove of pieces of interpretive art on display deep in the forests of Vancouver Island. Many of the pieces […]

At a time long before Canada was officially a country, the tall ships were traveling back and forth bringing people and materials to the newly found land.  Many arrived on our shores to find a rugged and raw landscape.  Even today this landscape is treacherous, finding many sea-going vessels encountering troubles on our craggy shorelines.  […]

Cherry Point Estate Wines

Posted: 22nd July 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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When you think of fine wines, do you think of Vancouver Island?  If not, we’re here today to change that.  Our deep love for Vancouver Island is well-known, and even with our familiarity to all the best the island has to offer, we have just recently learned of the great wine industry that is growing […]

Topaz Lens Effects Review

Posted: 16th July 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review
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Thanks for joining us here today with our Topaz Lens Effects review.  We’ve had a chance to spend some time with the Topaz Labs Lens Effects plugin, and what a great piece of software it is.  Here at Toad Hollow Photography we really try to do most of our work in the field, but sometimes […]

Summertime here on Vancouver Island always means the car shows are going full-tilt.  This is an awesome way to spend an afternoon seeing cars you just wouldn’t normally have a chance to see, and to talk to folks who love them.  Mrs. Toad and I visited The Motorcar Gathering 2012 held at Queen Alexandra Hospital […]

Little hidden gems.  Every city, every town, every place has them.  Places that hide in plain sight, beckoning you to become a tourist in your own town as you pass them by on your way home.  Here at the Hollow we are blessed with a multitude of little hidden gems, including one of our favourite […]

Our town had been a bustling and growing community for quite some time before the garage was built, but when you consider the modern age we live in it’s easy to imagine that this singular event was a landmark that was one of the catalysts that helped create our town.  The Duncan Garage Heritage Building […]

Our recent adventure up island participating in the “Parksville Qualicum Beach QR Code Road Rally 2013” is one we won’t soon forget.  Even though we’ve lived here for many years there seems to be a limitless supply of great new things to visit and explore.  Today’s post takes a look at one such facility, hidden […]