High Above Heaven

Posted: 4th February 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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A day so thick with fog you can’t see to the bottom of your property.  A day so thick with fog you feel as if you’re the last remaining living being on the entire planet.  A sense of solitude, a sense of absolute stillness…  a creepy sense that only seems to pass by finding others out exploring in the thick of it all.  All of these elements came together to urge us outside, to explore our surroundings with our camera with the hopes that we could find something special.  And something special we did find, an abstract landscape of almost indescribable beauty.

Atop Mount Prevost - Duncan, BC, Canada

Atop Mount Prevost – Duncan, BC, Canada

What started out rather slowly due to the absolutely impenetrable fog soon gave way to become one of the best days shooting we’ve had in a while.  Some of the areas I was anticipating to find sweet perfection were so fog-enshrouded that there was simply nothing to see.  Other areas found little openings, giving way to incredibly moody and emotional views.  And in the middle of running through the entire valley trying to find these gems, I was beckoned to find my way up the side of Mount Prevost.  I just knew something extraordinary awaited there for us.

Mount Prevost is a commanding and spectacular mountain, just on the very outskirts of the town of Duncan.  It’s 360* views showcase the valley, almost in its entirety.  It’s quite the journey up, making your way over very rough logging roads.  To actually get to the top, you have to park a little ways down from the summit and battle your way to the peak; no simple feat by any means.

On this particular morning, time was working against me.  As the sun was cresting and making its way up the sky, it was burning the fog off in spots and I anticipated that these conditions were temporary and any photographs we were hoping for were best attended to quickly.

So, with a sense of minor urgency I made my way to the mountain road.  Halfway up I found an outcropping that let me peer into the valley below.  This was the scene I was greeted with.  Somewhere far below, nestled deep in the cotton balls that covered the valley sits the little town of Duncan, and Toad Hollow.  I loved the layering of the mountains in this scene, they really gave an added dimension to the rolling landscape, as well as that strong sense of being trapped between earth and heaven.

If you’ve got to be trapped anywhere in the world, this is the place, my friends.

Thank you so much for your kind visit today, we really appreciate it.  We really do love to hear from all our visitors, so please feel free to leave us any comments or thoughts you may have!

  1. avatar Rich McPeek says:

    Beautiful scene Toad! Great capture!

  2. avatar Gracie says:

    It’s beautiful and so peaceful! Definitely a great place to be trapped 😉
    It gives you the feeling of being so close to heaven 🙂

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Those are very kind comments, Gracie, and we really appreciate them a lot! Thank you for taking the time to visit us here today, and for these fabulous comments! Hope to see much more of you here at The Hollow!!

  3. Great image Toad. I love how the fog can transform the landscape and make the familiar something different, feels like the distant mountain is in the clouds.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      That’s very kind of you, Chris, thanks a ton my friend! I love the fog, too, it really beckons me to explore the great outside. Hope all is well for you, my good friend!

  4. avatar Richard Taylor says:

    Love the light.

  5. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Lovely image Toad and I’m guessing the imagery only speaks a little to the beauty of a fog covered morning there in your swamp! Awesome!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      For a swamp, it was highly photogenic this day, that’s for sure, Jim! 🙂 Thanks so much for popping by, you made my whole day good sir!

  6. I’m glad you wrote this Toady! It’s so great shooting in fog, I love it. So many photographers don’t even think about taking the camera out when they see it’s a little foggy outside. Sometimes it’s really really cool when the fog is really really thick. So I’m glad you wrote this to raise general awareness around this. As an HDR photographer myself, I should add, you don’t really need or want to do HDR in the fog, there’s hardly any dynamic range at all, so there’s no point. That makes life pretty easy.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Thanks Keith! We sure do appreciate your kind visit and comments here today! You think this is cool? Wait till later this week when I roll out a short series I captured that are some of my favorite images we’ve taken ever! Hope to see you here for those, my friend!

  7. avatar Edith levy says:

    Oh my Toad…what can i say. Absolutely stunning image.

  8. avatar Erin Duke says:

    Isn’t it fantastic when we don’t quite expect the hand fate deals us? Wonderful post,spectacular image. So calm yet I can almost feel the breeze.:)

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Many kind thanks Erin, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all your kindness and support here!

  9. avatar A.Barlow says:

    What an awesome shot sir. Love the way you put the tree there.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      I kept moving those trees, trying to get them just right!! LOL 🙂 Just kidding, Aaron! Thank you so much for taking the time to come by and see us here today, we really appreciate it!

  10. Beautiful image Toad. The moodiness of fog is one of the reasons I love photographing the coast, and you’ve provided a wonderful example of that here.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      The west coast fog is second to none, isn’t it Steven! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us today, it really means an awful lot!

  11. Awesome scene Toad, love the view and colors…and lucky you…trapped as you are : )

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Well, ya know how it is there Mike, when the situation calls for a Toad to step up to the plate, I feel inclined to take a whack at it! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind visit today my friend, and for your great comments!!

  12. Haven’t been up there since the past century, but for views Mt Prevost is one of the best in the neighbourhood. The photograph is very beautiful.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Thank you so, so much Joseph, we sure do appreciate both your kind visit and your wonderful comments today!

  13. What wonderful depth to this shot, Toad. Love the repeating motive of the three mountain peaks.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Thank you so much Mark, that’s just awesome of you to pop by and say so! We sure do appreciate it!

  14. avatar ken bello says:

    A day without for is a day without sunshine – but in a good way. I’ve been known to skip work to go shoot in the fog. It makes everything so simple. The perfect light.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      It seems that you and I share this, my friend! Thanks so much for your kind visit and most wonderful comments here, Ken. It’s been a real highlight for me this year to have found you and follow your posts online, and for when you pop by and leave us your thoughts here like this. Absolutely terrific, my friend!

  15. avatar Renee Besta says:

    What a wonderful rich image, Toad. It evokes such depth and emotion. We know as photographers that weather often adds to the mood of a scene, making it much more evocative. You are fortunate to reside so close to nature in a gorgeous setting. I love what the fog, rain, and clouds can do to enhance a landscape photo. And you have aptly done this one great service!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      You are so very, very kind to us, Renee, thank you from the bottom of our green, amphibious hearts!!