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As spring approaches, the trees are showing signs of budding, certain flowers are starting to peek out from under the cloak of winter’s cover and a young man’s thoughts turn to sports cars.  My love and devotion to my beautiful wife and best friend, Mrs. Toad, is well-known.  But those who know me also know […]

Have you ever wondered what people did for entertainment 100 years ago?  Back then, there was no such thing as 697 channels to choose from, as a matter of fact there was no TV!  There, I said it.  I know it’s near impossible to believe, but trust me friends, it’s true.  Today, there’s almost a […]

A ship’s bell clangs in the distance through the fog.  By the time it hits your ear it almost sounds muddy, as if the thickness of the fog in the air weighed it down.  As the echoes drifted across the bay and slowly subsided the gulls began to fly past, never afraid to let their […]

I’ve found myself wandering around the Cowichan Valley lately, sometimes rather early in the morning.  And as such, I am finding treasures in my own backyard once again.  It’s been said many times before that new compositions and studies can be found by revisiting places with strong subject potential.  Join us today as we take […]

As photographers, many of us have our places that we love to return to often seeking that ultimate shot.  The subject is so compelling you just know locked in the scene lies a masterpiece awaiting discovery.  For me, my place is Old Stone Butter Church built in 1870 on Comiaken Hill in the beautiful Cowichan […]

High Above Heaven

Posted: 4th February 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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A day so thick with fog you can’t see to the bottom of your property.  A day so thick with fog you feel as if you’re the last remaining living being on the entire planet.  A sense of solitude, a sense of absolute stillness…  a creepy sense that only seems to pass by finding others […]