Oh, the stories this tired old crooked building could tell.  Even its very construct reveals a plethora of secrets and tales of yesterday.  But only to those that truly seek them.

Old Shed - Langford, BC, Canada

Old Shed – Langford, BC, Canada

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures we’ve ever taken.  There is an entire world to be found in this wonderful old shed, yet many of its inherent secrets remain a mystery.  Starting with the fundamental question of when it was built.  The materials are old and weathered revealing rich textures, but keeping hidden its age.  It could have been built decades ago, slowing revealing its patina, or it could have been built last week with recycled wood.  And if that’s where your exploration of this scene ends, you may very well have enjoyed it.  But you’d be missing much of the story.

During our planning phase for a shoot we attended over the summer photographing a fabulous heritage site, we were made aware of this shed.  It immediately caught my eye and became a priority to photograph.  It was only during post-processing that a myriad of exquisite details came to life that work together to cast the story we see here today.

Old Shed - Langford, BC, Canada

Old Shed – Langford, BC, Canada

Two of the key elements that captured my mind and imagination immediately were the two different colors of wood and the two different orientations that they have in terms of the construction.  Top that off with the great tin roof with all of its quirks, and you’ve got the key ingredients for a captivating subject.

But that’s hardly where it ends.  The wonderful old wooden windows on the right section of the building are completely different.  One pair is installed vertically and the other horizontally.  And furthermore, feel free to take a peek right through them to discover the house in the lot behind this one peeking back at you.  From what we could tell, this shed has no back wall.  Now we really begin to wonder what’s held in here?  Is it full of old lawnmowers and other gardening utensils, or does it hold a cache of long forgotten Picasso’s, just waiting to be discovered?

With all this being said, I think the best discovery is the most subtle one.  Look closely at the window in the left section of the building, and see what’s there…

Have you ever seen roots in the window of a building before?

Nope.  Me neither.

It even gets better, my friends.  Follow those roots up, with your mind’s eye, and see where they come out.  That is correct, there is a tree growing out of the building!!!!  You can see an opening in the roof where main trunks of the tree come out from the shed as the glorious shrubbery reaches high for the heavens.  Ahh, the mysteries of the universe we live in!

Life finds anchor in the most amazing of places.  I think this is testament to the resilience of life, much like those scenes we find where trees have found root in rocky outcroppings.  Somehow, against all odds, they find the sustenance and light they need to flourish, even in the harshest of environments.  This kind of serves as a metaphor for the human condition, in many ways.  And it serves to instill a feeling of hope for the future… if this tree can live and thrive like this, so can we all.

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  1. Ah the Devil is in the detail. Or to paraphrase the beauty is in the detail. Well spotted Toad, what a great find and a wonderful way to lead us through the picture

  2. That shed is begging for a post storm sunset shot! Great find Toad, it’s always nice when someone points out a treasure, glad that you were able to photograph it.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      No kidding, Howard, I think you’re right! Thanks so much for taking the time to pop by and see us, and for leaving us your terrific comments here!

  3. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Toad, this could have easily been on our farm in Tennessee 10-15 years ago! Awesome!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      You sir, are the best of the best! Thanks Jim, I really can’t thank you enough for all your support!

  4. avatar Edith Levy says:

    What a great find Toad. Ahhh…if these old places could just talk. Awesome images.

  5. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    Yet another great blast from the past!
    Wonderful find, my friend.

    When I see these old places I always think of the many untold stories they have witnessed.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Me too, Jimi, me too! Thanks a ton for popping by today and leaving us your great comments, we sure do appreciate it!

  6. avatar Diane says:

    as much as I enjoyed the images of the shed, I truly enjoyed your ‘story’ about that old shed!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Thank you so, so much Diane, we really appreciate your kind support here! Many thanks for for popping by today! 😀