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Posted: 24th October 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review
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The world of photography is a complex maze to traverse.  So many options in both the hardware and software exist making it difficult to find your way in a busy space.  The latest eBook installment “8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography” by Anne McKinnell sheds some light into 8 key corners that can help you go to the next level in your practice.  Anne’s books are always full of excellent insights, all very well written in a format that is easy to digest for photographers of all skill levels.  You will come away from reading this book with a renewed outlook and you will be inspired to grab your camera and get out there to engage the world!

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography - an eBook by Anne McKinnell

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography – an eBook by Anne McKinnell

I find that photographers come from all walks of life.  With the inherent complexities found in modern digital photography, how one goes about making their way in the field varies from artist to artist.  Finding a niche and then exploring how best to express it and eventually turn it into a business are goals of many.  The latest eBook installment from Anne delivers useful insights, tips and pointers that are very easy to read and understand.  Inspiration is shared on each page, and there is indeed something in here for every photographer.

The forward that Anne includes gets right to the heart of the matter.  Once again, we find the terminology easy to follow and her points are perfectly explained.  Now that we’re inspired, it’s time to start diving into her 8 key points!

Composition is usually one of the first concepts that all photographers must study to effectively create compelling imagery.  Thoughts on this topic range from simple to complex in the field, and Anne pares all the rhetoric down to several key factors.  Once again, her easy to understand writing helps clarify some issues that almost all of us have encountered at some point in time.  She also shares perspectives on this topic that are completely unique, which for me resulted in a few “ah ha!” moments as I was reading.  This is definitely a section you’ll want to spend some time on as Anne talks about decluttering your composition and making clean edges, both very important concepts to understand as we work towards our goals.

From here Anne takes us deeper into the specific technicalities and outcomes of managing exposure with ISO, shutter speed and f/stop.  She discusses focal lengths and the effects this introduces in terms of depth of focus, a key area that most photographers enjoy having full command of as it allows us to have almost complete control over the end result.  Once again we find that her writing is easy to understand, removing a lot of the mystery and frustration that comes from attempting to go this route.

The next section discusses post-processing and the merits of shooting in RAW mode.  Anne shares her personal insight and thoughts into post-processing tools, briefly touching on the tools that she uses giving us all a little understanding into how she creates her amazing pictures.

Next on the agenda is a detailed chapter focused on natural light.  Direction and type of light plays an active role in photography, and certain types are more suitable to specific genres and styles of photography.  Anne brings some much-needed illumination to this concept, again sharing some truly meaningful tips and tricks all written in an easy to read manner.

An in-depth section on subjects is then shared, going into great detail.  By using her own breathtaking photography as sources of illustration, Anne is able to leave the reader with a renewed appreciation of composition.  By the time we’ve read to this section of the book, the reader should have a much stronger sense of how to take full control of the camera, and what to point it at.  Many of the issues Anne discusses are fairly common sense in nature, but when expressed in such an easy-to-read manner they seem to take on a deeper meaning.

The final sections deal with online galleries, social media and how best to market your photographs and yourself to a waiting world.  Once again we find ourselves delving into an area that is rife with choice, and the ability to cut through some of the noise to get right to the heart of the matter makes this a real must-read publication.

The entire book is adorned from front to back with some of Anne’s incredible pieces.  She uses her own work as examples throughout, giving the reader an extra dimension to the book that allows us to grasp the concepts conveyed visually.  At times you find yourself mesmerized by the photos, only to realize that they are surrounded by treasures and gems of insight that only Anne can share.

This is definitely a book you will want to keep handy, and undoubtedly is one you’ll return to often.  It makes a perfect book to read cover-to-cover, but also serves as a great reference book to come back to when facing some of the key issues discussed.

We definitely give Anne McKinnell’s book “8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography” two flippers up!  Grab a copy today and see for yourself!

  1. Great review Toad! It’s always nice to have reference material such as this on hand!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Thanks, Michael! It’s a really awesome book, well worth the money to buy and time to read, that’s for sure!

  2. avatar Renee Besta says:

    Thanks, Toad, for posting this review. I follow Anne on Twitter and envy how she and others have given up the so-called normal life to travel, photograph, and blog on the road. How I envy her many adventures.

    You are so right in mentioning how many of us are trying to find the right niche to make photography our main profession. We all get there by traveling different paths, but share the love of nature and passion for the photograph art form.