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Posted: 12th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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You find the most amazing things while exploring.  Things that seem to be located in a slightly strange place today were once things that were in the perfect spot all those years ago.

Lou's Auto Repair - Victoria, BC, Canada

Lou’s Auto Repair – Victoria, BC, Canada

Lou’s Auto Repair sits today right in the middle of a residential area.  This area, typically referred to as “Fairfield”, is one of the first areas built up in the city here and is home to many old character heritage homes.  The strong influence of Victorian architecture can be felt everywhere here, with many of the homes and buildings being period-correct and exquisitely maintained.  So, how does this translate to finding this wonderful old auto garage right in the midst of the neighborhood?

All those years ago when the city was undergoing growth, there were many disparate little areas.  Having certain service and commodity based stores locally available was a key to this growth, to make it easier for people to make their way around and find services and goods.  At the time this place was built, it made a lot of sense to sit it right here…  the local folks from the area could easily make their way to and from this location.  Today, these issues are far less noticeable due to modern roads and vehicles.

This just makes finding something like this that much more special in today’s age.

I’m sure many of us remember a time when we traveled with our parents in the car.  Finding a gas station like this was in some ways tantamount to finding an amusement park.  Especially for boys…  this place would be filled to the rafters with tires, belts, hoses…  you name it!  And for the gentler persuasion, that is to say little girls, there was always that Coke machine that dispensed genuine bottles of the beverage and the candy rack that was full of gum and other sweets.

Does anyone else have memories like these associated with an old garage?  Please feel free to share any stories you may have, we truly do love to hear from all our visitors!  And many thanks for taking the time to pop by and see us here today, we really do appreciate it.

  1. avatar Rick Louie says:

    I remember going with my dad to the service station. He knew the guys by name and they would have everything for your car including tires. There is still a corner service station in my wife’s home town with the diagonal drive way simular to Lou’s and it’s still in business. It’s all about customer service which you don’t see anymore. Today it’s about convenience and how cheap you can fill your tank. Miss those old days. Boy, I’m aging myself. 🙂

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      You and I both, Rick! LOL Great, great comments my friend, thanks for taking the time to leave these here for everyone to enjoy!

  2. avatar Fred Norris says:

    Great image Toad,brings back fond memories from my youth.I was lucky enough to work at a similar petrol station when I was a teenager with my best friend.I can still smell the petrol mixed with grease,and I can hear the bell as another fine automobile approached the pumps waiting for us to run out and give them good old fashioned “full service”

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      I have similar memories, my good friend! We used to have so much fun working at the station, especially when my best friend and I were on the same shift. It’s kind of amazing we didn’t blow the place up accidentally. LOL What’s that they always say? “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? That should have been our motto. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us here today, Fred, and for leaving these wonderful comments!

  3. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Oh my, I can still smell the fuel from the old service stations/garages from when we would pull up to one early in the morning on a cross country trip. Yes, these stations were key to getting where you were going, especially if you had a flat tire or some other quick automotive need. I remember buying a worthless little baseball game at an old gas station on one trip – at the time, I though it was awesome, but it didn’t last to the next gas top! Thanks for the trip down memory lane Toads – you never disappoint!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      That is such a wonderful set of comments, Jim, thank you SO much for taking the time to leave these! It’s funny the associations we seem to have as adults from our experiences as kids, eh? Thank you for your comments today, Jim, you sir are a true scholar and a gentleman!

  4. avatar Rich McPeek says:

    Terrific shot Toad! I remember the local “garage” in the small town I grew up in outside of Buffalo, NY. We used to stop there and get air in our tires on our bikes and a Coke from the machine outside!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      I think almost everyone remembers the old Coke machines, eh, Rich? How wonderful! Thanks so much for your kind visit and comments today, my friend, they are truly appreciated!

  5. avatar Chris Nitz says:

    What is crazy is that I used to work at a service station much like this when I was in high school. We used to pump your gas and wash your windows for you. I even had to change wiper blades in the middle of a rainstorm for one elderly lady. I miss full services stations!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      It seems many of us have stories of working in places like this growing up, eh, Chris? How cool is that! Thanks so much for taking the time to swing on by and leaving us these wonderful comments, my friend, that really means an awful lot to us!

  6. avatar Jim Nix says:

    nice one Toad! your description reminds me of a tiny little store in the backwoods of North Carolina where my Grandmother used to take me, my sister and my cousins – she gave us each a couple of $ and let us fill a bag with candy – I always loved that place!! 🙂

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      That’s what I’m talkin’ about, Jim! Thank you for sharing your story, that’s just so awesome!! It’s always a highlight for us when you pop by and see us here at The Hollow, my friend, we are truly appreciative!!

  7. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Nice find Toad. Maybe because I’m a girl but the only memories I have of an old garage like this is going with my Dad when he needed something fixed. He did always buy me a comic book and chocolate bar so I wouldn’t get bored.

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      These sorts of places really create different associations for different people, my friend, no doubt about it. You did come away from those visits with a nice chocolate bar and comic book, so it can’t be all that bad, can it? 🙂 Thank you so, so much for your kind visit and comments here today, Edith, it’s a huge highlight for us when you visit like this!

  8. Great find Toads! I love the nostalgia of this building. I’m guessing Lou’s is still open for business? I love the garage door on the right side too. I don’t really have any old garage memories, but I do remember in the small town where I grew up, it was about 30 miles one way just to go to the grocery store! My how times have changed!

    • avatar ToadHollowPhoto says:

      Indeed, I believe that Lou’s is still a thriving shop! It really is great to see old-fashioned service like this still alive, isn’t it? Many kind thanks for your visit today, Michael, it’s always a highlight for us when you pop by and say hi!