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A Stations Storied History

Posted: 26th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Fire is a great equalizer.  It can destroy things in a manner of moments, and it can also be responsible for rebirth and regrowth as evidenced by forests years after fire rages through it.  In some stories we find a place or facility that is so meaningful to the community that those who live there […]

Union Bay Community Church

Posted: 25th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Churches are much more than a refuge for our hearts and souls, they are a communal gathering place and a sign of something significant in a community.  In most cities and towns, the churches are some of the most intricate and fascinating buildings around.  Here on Vancouver Island we have a history steeped in influence […]

62 Droptop Corvette

Posted: 24th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Vette to Victoria
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As the times were changing, and in many ways defining the style that eventually would become synonymous with the 50’s and 60’s, so did the cars we loved and drove.  Passenger cars had started to take on their own personalities in the 50’s and no car had more hype or mystique than the Chevrolet Corvette.  […]

Island living offers many wonderful facets of life to enjoy for those who live here and for those who visit.  We are blessed with the bluest ocean, the most beautiful mountains and rolling lush forests that sometimes seem to go on forever.  Many communities dot the highway that leads north from Victoria, some of them […]

Pirates and ne’er-do-wells heed caution as the lookout may have a peg-leg but is no less a scurvy dog for it.  If you’re looking for a barrel of rum, you might be late, but let’s raise our muskets in celebration as we land upon shore at the dock of one of Victoria’s most fascinating destinations.  […]

The bell clangs and the children rush to class.  First opened in 1855 to the growing community at the Craigflower Farm, the first 26 eager students had a bright future.  Education was a cornerstone in their development to help them become the future leaders and skilled tradespeople that helped to foment the city we live […]

Lou’s Auto Repair

Posted: 12th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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You find the most amazing things while exploring.  Things that seem to be located in a slightly strange place today were once things that were in the perfect spot all those years ago. Lou’s Auto Repair sits today right in the middle of a residential area.  This area, typically referred to as “Fairfield”, is one […]

Flowing Lines

Posted: 10th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Vette to Victoria
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Light has a wonderful way of highlighting natural lines through shadows and contrast.  Great drama can be found in natural light and this is an aspect of photography that always delivers wonderful surprises when we’re in the digital darkroom post-processing our images. Today we’re heading back to the “Vette to Victoria” event that the Victoria […]

The Hollow’s Gate

Posted: 7th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Much like chasing the fabled Yeti through the snow-caps of the Swiss Alps, this has been in the planning stages for years now.  Armed with only a 10 megapixel sensor and a 50mm prime lens, we stalked our quarry with steely determination.  As we sat, waiting, in our chairs the mythical being finally emerged from […]