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The creation of an engineering masterpiece does not preclude striking beauty from the end result.  A combination of both form and function can come together in one stunning package as evidenced by Chevrolet’s latest supercar concept, the C6 Corvette ZR1.  Make no mistake about it you can seriously get the groceries in this baby, and […]

We find ourselves amidst a very difficult time in the world; a time of loss, a time of poverty and a time of forlorn hope.  It is in times like these that stories of inspiration and perseverance become even more meaningful as a way for us all to find that inner beacon of hope that […]

Now at first glance that may sound like an unsavory part of a recipe from an old witch’s cookbook, but you know that being affable, warmhearted toads, we would never dream of advocating such things!   What it is, however, is a pretty good way to travel…if you’re a tiny toad and you happen to need a ride. Today we ask you to hang up your suit and tie, leave your […]