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Even a pair of busy Toads need a break every once in a while.  This week finds us sneaking away from The Hollow to spend a few days deep in the forests of Vancouver Island, away from electricity and running water.  This, of course, includes the internet.  How scary is that?  No internet?  Whoaw. We’re […]

Designing and constructing a building requires planning, precise measurements and skilled people to execute the plan.  Most of the time, anyways.  Has the fickle finger of time played a role in what we are about to see today with weathering and decay, or was this building constructed using guesstimates and rough guidelines?  I’m not sure […]

What could possibly be better than great photos, a scintillating write-up, and a dapper Toad in a tophat?  More of them! Well, things are always hopping here at The Hollow and as much as that makes us very happy indeed, at times it can leave a toad feeling like throwing his flippers in the air and proclaiming “I […]

Many argue that black is actually the absence of color.  I would argue that is also is the perfect color when it comes to sports cars.  Take the Batmobile, for example, would it look the same in a different color?  Now with that being said I’ve seen lot’s of great hot rods painted in bright […]

You just never know what to expect around the next corner.  The creed “sometimes art imitates life” comes to mind as we take in the various pieces on display and try to understand their deeper meaning.  Some are obvious, some are much less so.  But at the end of the day, the entire collection is […]