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When finally the daisies spring forth, the butterflies are not far behind.  After traveling thousands of miles by treacherous sea, a private garden patch would have been an oasis of peace for Mrs. Roscoe and something she tended to with much love.  Surrounded by rich, thick BC forest at the time, a delicate garden of […]

Just as every tree begins with a single seed, all cities, towns, and villages began with the courage and vision of a single person.  These seeds turn into oak trees if tended to and left to flourish.  And as every tree matures it drops acorns everywhere and soon a grove emerges. We find ourselves back […]

As the world took on a more refined state in the 18th and 19th centuries, certain ceremonies and events came to represent a burgeoning need to create a highly cultivated societal structure.  High tea in the drawing room overtook the desire to lay plunder to your neighbors treasures.  And from this new outlook emerged many […]

Items that people have possessed tell a story. Sometimes these stories are overt, sometimes they are wrong, but almost always an impression has been left behind. You can look at a destroyed car and immediately know it had an unfortunate incident with a tree. You can look at a diamond wedding ring and know it […]

Saturday morning came and it was a glorious morning.  The perfect morning for a world-class car show.  And as the day progressed, it sure didn’t disappoint. We find ourselves taking a further look at the recent gathering in Victoria, BC, Canada, the Vette to Victoria 2012 event that was hosted by our own Victoria Corvette […]

A Peaceful Outlook

Posted: 13th June 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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No matter your position in life, no matter your social standing, no matter your financial situation, we all share a common thing.  Time is a constant.  Time is immutable.  It’s what we do with our individual moments that collectively make up our lives. I find myself pondering life and its meaning a lot lately as […]

Our love for the heritage and history of Vancouver Island runs deep, and it seems we are continuously finding wonderful things to photograph and learn about.  The Courtenay/Comox area of Vancouver Island is a place we don’t visit often enough, and when we get a chance to we really enjoy capturing a bit of the […]