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The more I learn about people from previous generations and the hardships and experiences they had, the more I respect and admire them.  I think this is a large reason for the inherent interest we all find in visiting our local museums and viewing and learning about our history.  Nothing can put you directly in […]

As Victoria gets ready to celebrate its 150th birthday, we find ourselves reflecting on the history that brought us here.  Victoria originally started out as Fort Victoria in 1843, and slowly as the years went by began to grow.  Very little of the original structures and buildings remain from this period, and any time we […]

The animals are always the first to sense when something is coming.  We’ve all seen video taken in the plains of Africa where a tree suddenly springs to life as thousands of birds fly away in panic.  Sometimes, though, a hunter approaches and no one sees or hears any form of a warning. Last weekend […]

Fine art comes delivered on many different forms of media.  Typically it is intended to please the eye and share the artists vision within a literal and figurative frame.  But sometimes it’s much more than that.  Sometimes it has purpose, as well. Today we invite you along on a recent event we attended hosted by […]

Wandering deep in the Wacky Woods, the sense of wonder began to take second seat to a sense of curiosity.  It seemed every corner that we passed led to yet another section of items and artifacts that were beyond imagination.  The message that George Sawchuk was trying to share with his audience became clearer and […]

A New Beginning

Posted: 10th May 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, TLC
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The constant drumbeat of progress rings in our ears as everywhere we turn we find changes in the cities we live in and have grown to love.  What if no one preserved the important heritage?  What if our history was replaced with new housing developments and no one tried to maintain this link to our […]

The air cracks around you, leaving you breathless.  In the blink of an eye the source of the thunder rolls past so quickly any delay in your awareness leaves you standing there wondering what just happened.  As you spin around to follow the sound, the Corvette that broke the stillness finds the upper realm of […]

You find yourself standing on a gentle hillside, surrounded by green grass, trees and the odd little bunny hopping about. The sky is blue, the flowers are fragrant. Yet still, you can’t shake this feeling that something is about to change… something drastic. You begin to sense a little vibration in your feet. Everything is […]