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You could hear your own heartbeat, the air was so still.  A sense of trepidacious curiosity overcomes the feeling that you are trespassing in someone’s most private place. And so our adventure begins in the Saint Andrew’s Anglican Cemetery located just behind Saint Andrew’s Church in Courtenay, BC.  This post is a follow-up article to our […]

High atop Mission Hill sits Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church, a beacon of hope and fellowship for everyone in the area.  This beautiful Gothic Revival styled facility was constructed in 1877 and was the first Anglican Parish in the area, deeming it the Mother Church.  This is a historically significant building that was completely restored in […]

I awoke this morning in The Hollow, flung the front door open to take in all the grace, wonder and beauty of the Swamp and declared spring has finally arrived!  And in spring a young Toads mind immediately thinks of Heavy Duty Machinery! Well, that may not be entirely true but it does have a […]

The best kept secrets are right out in the open.  My only regret is not discovering this fabulous exhibit sooner while George was still alive. Today marks the beginning of a new photoblog series, “Two Toads in Wonderland” that finds us on an adventure together exploring the vast George Sawchuk Outdoor Art Exhibit, also known […]

I’ve lived here my entire life and had no idea such a historic place existed right in the middle of one of our higher end districts.  The little community of Oak Bay, in Victoria, BC, boasts wonderful architecture, scenery and ocean-side features.  It also is home to some of our oldest ghosts. We’re visiting The […]

Living in a rainforest today introduces its own interesting elements into life.  Living here 100 years ago must have been something else entirely.  Back then a leaky roof didn’t result in ushering in a team of highly trained experts who repel in like a crack military team to replace and repair the broken roof.  Today, […]

Times change, and they change quickly.  And with them conventions are lost, attitudes shift and things that once were deemed safe no longer are.  Thanks for joining us today as we continue our running photoblog series “The Antiques Toad Show” based on a series of photographs we were lucky enough to take on a day […]

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We’ve recently moved our WordPress blog from the freely hosted system at to our own self-hosted system using  One of the key benefits and reasons behind this move is the ability to have absolute control over our site and the features we deliver to our viewers and visitors.  The paint hadn’t even dried […]

The perfect vantage point to fend off attack, up high on a knoll with a perfect 180* panoramic view.  It must have been hard to imagine that forces based thousands of miles away across a vast and treacherous ocean would have any plans to land on these shores.  But, the threat was so very real […]

Imagine trying to settle a new area and at the same time to have the lingering fear of an angry armed hoard of invaders potentially popping up over your local hill.  This would definitely put a damper on the excitement that would come from the discovery and exploration of your new home land. We’re launching […]