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No Rooms For Rent

Posted: 30th November 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’re back to our roots here at The Hollow today, taking a look at an abandoned apartment building very near downtown Victoria, BC in Canada.  I found this the other day when I was in town at an appointment.  I darn near crinked my neck when I went past it; I knew it was a […]

Divine inspiration sometimes comes at the oddest times.  I really hope the title for today’s blog post is as funny to you as it was to me when it jumped into my head the other morning in the shower.  I am not sure I totally understand what it means, but it does bring a smile […]

When you love old vehicles as much as I do, antique trucks become a beacon that my lens cannot ignore.  Today’s post is part of our running series “The Toad’s Tonka Toys“, featuring images captured at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in the summer of 2011.  This was a grand day of adventure Mrs. Toad […]

Today’s story is one of hope and renewal.  Sometimes in life, the most seemingly random events can lead to truly wonderful adventures.  A chance finding of an old, abandoned school quickly turned into a story of hope and renewal, and new-found friends. This post is a follow-up story to our two previous posts “School’s Out” […]

It’s every photographers dream; complete and unfettered access to a museum after hours.  Over the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we were presented with such an opportunity.  Our dearest friends, the Mudpuppy’s, arranged with their dad who is a curator at the Metchosin Pioneer Museum to get us in after the museum closed.  We had a […]

Sometimes in life you’re given a batch of lemons, and the typical response is to grab a juicer and make a pail of lemonade.  I prefer Lemon Meringue Pie.  Everybody likes pie, right?  We’ve been using our photography lately to share stories using metaphors, and with all the hustle and bustle of life Mrs. Toad […]

Get ready to have shivers up your spine.  If you think you felt something brush against your leg, we can’t tell you with all truthfulness that it didn’t happen.  If you didn’t believe in ghosts before you got here today, you may very well think differently in mighty short order. Now, we’re not going to […]