Sometimes in life you find something that at first glance appears to be nothing more than a heap of rusty old metal.  If you take the time, however, to really take the artifact in you begin to see little treasures emerge.  We’re continuing our latest photoblog series “The Toad’s Tonka Toys” with these new images captured at the BC Forest Discovery Centre, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

This is a huge facility, my friends.  It covers acres and acres of prime Cowichan Valley land, and is peppered with fabulous vehicles, trains and artifacts.  Some of the items are in much better shape than others, but each one is interesting and has its own story to tell.

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

This wonderful old logging truck sure doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, now, does it.  We’ve got three distinct colors at work; green, yellow and rust.  The textures are just incredible and add a huge dimension of interest to the item and we found that as we spent time taking this truck in, more wonderful little elements began to emerge.

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

I am going to paint you a really funny mental image for this one.  As mentioned, this outing was a chance for Mrs. Toad and myself to get together with our dearest friends, the Mudpuppy’s for an adventure and outing.  As the girls went ahead to scout out things of interest to photograph, Mudpuppy and myself were drawn deeper and deeper into the wonder of this particular truck.  For this shot, I was standing on the side board of the truck with one hand securing me to the truck itself and the other hand had the camera.  Yep, this was a handheld shot, taken with one hand.  It was just too good to pass up.  The gauges in this vehicle don’t appear to have worked in quite some time and I am rather skeptical that a few hearty taps on their face will spring them suddenly to life.

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

The rust is exquisite.  It creates its own distinct texture and I really enjoyed how the deep color of the rust was nicely contrasted with the yellow and green paint.  Not a single body panel or part lines up anymore, and if you look closely you see no door handle at all.  Who remembers “The Dukes of Hazzard”  where the boys had the car doors welded shut and they would take a run at the car and literally jump through the window to get in?  I don’t think that would be a good idea here, unless of course your tetanus shot is all up to date.

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

Logging Truck - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

In this shot we can see that this is some form of a crane.  I love the lines of this truck, antique vehicles really have the most incredible body lines to enjoy.  We hope the owner has their insurance up to date, that front windshield appears to have a minor nick in it and could probably go for replacement.  Or not, as it truly adds so much character to what we are taking in.

We can only imagine the people who used to man this unit, and all the heavy use this truck got during its active life.  Each panel has dents, dings and scratches in it.  You’re not going to see this baby at your local hot rod car show, that’s for sure…  but I find it to be utterly beautiful in its own way.

Thank you so much for your kind visit today, we really appreciate it.  Everyone’s support and encouragement during this period of transition for Mrs. Toad and myself has just been so wonderful in the outpouring of kind notes and thoughts.  We can’t even begin to express how much that means to us.

Please, feel free to leave us any comments you may have as we truly, truly love to hear from all our visitors.  Until next time, my friends…

  1. avatar newd7000user says:

    Ooh, I love that dash shot! I agree that antique vehicles have great design to them, they’re so skeletal.

  2. avatar Viveca Koh says:

    I remember ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ well, I used to love watching that with my Dad, and your reminder of it has made me smile 🙂 Excellent rusty grunginess going on here, what a wonderful beat-up old vehicle this is – you have made it a star for the day even if its logging days are long gone.

  3. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Two days in a row from the Toad! What a great post. Love the textures and rust in these images. They just pop on the screen. And of course, the wonderful story that accompanies them. Great work as usual.

  4. Excellent shots Toad. I love the rusty, grungy goodness. You’ve also managed to bring out the wonderful textures. So nice to have your posts to look forward to again.

  5. avatar Jim Nix says:

    nice work Toad! rusty stuff in HDR just so totally works, and you have done it well here my friend!

  6. avatar A.Barlow says:

    Very nice set Toad. I really like that shot with the broken panels. Rust is good 🙂

  7. Nice set of images Toad. Really digging that close up of the dash board. Great textures and DoF.

  8. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    Great series, Toad.
    Really like that third shot of the cab. Funny how old beat-up and rusted items make for such great photos, particularly HDRs. Nice work!

  9. Beauty – great find and shots!

  10. Beauty – great find and shots!