Well, as it turns out our best friend Mr. Mudpuppy found some great information on the toy train we discussed in today’s photoblog post “The Toy Train Express“.  This latest series we’re working on, “The Toad’s Tonka Toys” is a series based on a visit to the BC Forestry Discovery Centre we had the pleasure of experiencing, and we came away from there with some awesome memories and a serious stack of photos.

So, with many, many thanks to Mr. Mudpuppy himself, we’d like to present you this update.

Playground Train - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

Playground Train - BC Forest Discovery Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

I truly thought this was a toy, or at least a purpose-built contraption that was either a novelty or designed for light-duty.  That flat-head V8 should have given it away to me…  and in all truth now I want to drive it even more than I did before.

This is a Vulcan Industrial Railroad Locomotive.  The one is this photograph is a 4 ton model, and it’s listed on the Vulcan page as the 1st entry, “Canadian Industries [James Island, BC] Vulcan 4T G/M #3, BC Forestry Museum, Duncan BC 1992, blt 1937 cn4210“.

Basically, everyone who is really into trains and locomotives are all going “oh cool!!” right now, with a deeper understanding of what it is we really found.  Folks who know little about railroading are thinking “oh WOW, that’s real?!?  OK, then…  what’s it’s top speed?”.  I’ve got one flipper solidly planted in both places, myself.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Mostly, I want to know how fast it goes.

  1. avatar Heather says:

    shut the front door! How cool is that?!

  2. Now it’s even awesomer! Is that a word?

  3. avatar Jax184 says:

    I just saw your previous post on this and left a comment hoping for a followup, only to discover this post. Great to finally solve that mystery. I’ve been wondering in the back of my head for 18 years where that thing came from.

  4. avatar Jax184 says:

    (Also, I KNEW it used to be blue!)