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Posted: 2nd September 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Hi everyone, thanks for popping by today!  We’ve got to be honest, we’re not really here right now.  We’re at the Koksilah River, having a picnic and taking pictures of the Kinsol Trestle!  We are hoping to make the 12 story decent to the riverbed so we can get a new series of photographs of the trestle from a lower perspective.  This should add a ton of context to really show off the scale of this astounding structure.  More on that later!!  We didn’t want to leave everyone without a post today, so we’ve left you this automagic blog post!  Monday is a stat holiday for us for Labor Day, so we will be back on Tuesday.  We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Let’s check out a pair of garages, shall we?  Two different photographs taken in two different cities.  Everywhere we turn on this fabulous island, we find the most amazing things.  All seem to have a special island texture, and this means many different things.

Kenworth Hoods - Crofton BC Canada

Kenworth Hoods - Crofton BC Canada

This weathered garage was found in the tiny town of Crofton, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island.  As mentioned in previous posts, the island is a rain-forest and we have very little snow in a typical year.  But we do have endless months of driving cold rain.  Anything outside tends to weather over time, leaving great textures and details that all contribute to the overall feeling of island living.  In this case it includes a pair of Kenworth hoods.  And if you look closely at the side of the garage, hanging there is a pair of matching Kenworth doors.  I love it.

Garage - Nanaimo BC Canada

Garage - Nanaimo BC Canada

Garages fascinate me, especially the ones here just because they are all so diverse in architecture and character.  This picture was shot in Nanaimo, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island.  I saw this one and literally put both feet on the brakes and jumped out to grab this shot.  It was bigger than me.  There are some pretty great details in this image, starting with the garbage can that’s up against the broken and boarded up window.  The door looks like it’s the right door, but it doesn’t look like it’s hung properly or something.  The entire structure is just chock full of texture and weathering, and once again is full of island character.  Who could ask for anything more?

Thanks so much for dropping by today, we really appreciate it!  Sorry that we’re not home at the moment, but we are out on photo shoots, so rest assured we’ll be back with tons of new images to share!  Please don’t hesitate to leave us any comments you may have, we will read them all when we get home!  We truly love to hear from all our visitors!

  1. Great shots Thanks for sharing.. great processing..

  2. avatar Chris Nitz says:

    I don’t think I’d park my DB9 in that garage, let alone my bicycle. Good stuff today Toads!

    • You, sir, need to get on up here and take your best Toad friend out for a blast in that exotic Austin-Martin of yours!! Can I get a WOOT??!?! LOL You rock so very much, Chris, always such a highlight for us when you pop by my friend!!

  3. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Nice images Toad. I can’t say that I ever thought of photographing garages, but why the heck not? Anyway, have a great weekend.

  4. avatar A.Barlow says:

    Loved that set of random doors. Id like to use those for something 🙂

  5. Love that wonky, pink and green door. And those back-to-back Kenworth hoods. . .great find Toad and beautiful processing! Have a wonderful long weekend.

  6. Terrific shots. The first one is awesome, I love the way you’ve processed it. Have a great long weekend.

  7. avatar Fred Norris says:

    Love those Kenworth hoods Toad!Good luck on your Koksilah River expedition,it sounds exciting.

  8. avatar Rick says:

    Wow love those Kenworth hoods and doors. Have fun shooting! Have a great weekend!

  9. avatar Jim Nix says:

    looks great Toad and can’t wait to see your pics from the Kinsol Trestle!