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This post marks the beginning of a new photoblog series here at The Hollow, folks, strap yourself in for quite the ride!  Mr. and Mrs. Mudpuppy and the Toads here landed at the BC Forest Discovery Centre recently on an adventure outing, and we captured such a huge series of photos that as we were […]

Hi everyone, thanks for popping back around today we really do appreciate it!  Today’s photoblog post finds us wrapping up at the Bamberton company/town cement factory.  Yesterday’s post “The Toad In Cement Shoes” discusses the history and controversy around the pending developments of this 1,500 acre parcel of pristine BC land, and today we take […]

The Toad In Cement Shoes

Posted: 28th September 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Well, that was quite the day yesterday, I can honestly tell you.  Technical difficulties interfered with our abilities to create a blog, but we are back today!  I’d highly recommend not touching those 2 bare wires in the corner there, Uncle Hoppy is still getting over his shock… I think many of us think of […]

Today’s post finds us taking a look at something old that’s in wonderful condition, something old that is pretty much falling down, and something old that is currently undergoing restoration.  The diversity we love here on Vancouver Island is all a byproduct of a short yet storied history, with some fabulous architecture that originates from […]

It’s always bittersweet to wrap up a photoblog series, we really enjoy shooting and producing them to share with everyone.  Today, we finish our latest series “The Toads Visit Ladysmith” by finding a wonderful old character home to visit, pulling out a rocking chair, and sitting a spell on the porch. Barely noticeable from the […]

Our adventure together continues today in the small town of Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  If you’re just joining us now, our previous posts on this photoblog series can be found at “The Toads Visit Ladysmith“. Vancouver Island was originally founded upon the mining and logging industries and as folks began to actively settle […]

Our latest photoblog series “The Toads Visit Ladysmith” continues today as we take in some of the historical artifacts that are on display in town.  Originally founded to support the local mining industry, Ladysmith ultimately became a hub of sorts for the area on Vancouver Island it served, and with the advent of the logging […]

Thanks for visiting again today, folks, we’ve got a pretty substantial post to share with everyone.  We’re back in Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Today we’re going to look at some of the heritage and historically significant architecture that sits on 1st Avenue, the main downtown street. This post is a continuation of our […]

We’re thrilled to be starting a new series here today, “The Toads Visit Ladysmith“.  The small town of Ladysmith is located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Established in the very early 1900’s as a town to house miners, much of the original architecture still stands today. We’re going to start our journey in the heart […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Posted: 17th September 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We are about to take an adventure together and look at something so very unique, rare and dare I say, beautiful.  Through my travels in life I have met quite a few great people and made new friends.  One of these people just happens to own something that is so rare we can almost guarantee […]