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Today’s photoblog post finds us at a location that we didn’t previously know even existed.  One of our prime loves here at The Hollow is architecture, especially if it has a historic or heritage meaning behind it, as it most certainly does today.  We’re going to look at St. Andrews Church at Cowichan Station, on […]

Hey everyone, welcome back!  Well, originally I had totally planned on rolling out this incredible series of new images we took recently of a piece of local historic architecture and significance, but somehow my day here has started to get away from me.  So, rather than roll it out poorly and miss a chance to […]

Welcome back, folks, today we close off our latest series “The Toads In Youbou“, please feel free to check the previous posts if you are just arriving here now.  This series has focused on a small logging town called Youbou, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Youbou sits on the end of a dead-end road, and […]

If you’ve arrived here thinking “oh goodie, we get to look at houses pinned up a tree somewhere”, we’re going to come right out and apologize.  Today’s post finds us continuing our latest photoblog series “The Toads In Youbou“.  This series tells the story of a little logging town called Youbou, located on the shores […]

Do you remember the mini-series that were so popular during the 80’s?  This week, we’ve got one of those to share with everyone here at The Hollow, except we don’t have puffy hairdo’s or big name stars to showboat the series up. This new photoblog post is the first in a new series we’re running […]

Beware Of Pirates

Posted: 12th August 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Hi there again, everyone, welcome back to The Hollow!  Today’s adventure finds us chasing pirates back at the Genoa Bay Marina, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  This photoblog post features some images of artifacts and decorations that folks display at the marina, all which truly add to the overall sense of nautical living on the […]

Gatsby Mansion

Posted: 11th August 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Our original plan this morning when we woke up was to post this most incredible series of images we recently captured of a truly wondrous local piece of architecture.  There is a fascinating and in-depth story to go with this planned post, and it seems that my day has gone fully sideways on me here […]

A Toad’s Portrait

Posted: 11th August 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, The Toad's Musings
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This is an extra post we’re running today on our blog due to a change that had to occur in our presence over at Google+.  We’ve set ourselves up over there and have started to form some really meaningful relationships with folks and due to Google’s Terms of Use, it appears that they are deleting […]

Reminders Of Youth

Posted: 10th August 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Toad Trucks
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Today’s post is one I’ve really been looking forward to making for a few weeks now.  We’re back at the Antique Truck Show hosted in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Our running series “Toad Trucks” has featured the photographs and stories of the trucks from this wonderful show.  Please do feel free […]

Hi everyone, we thought we’d head back to the Antique Truck Show this morning and continue our latest running series titled “Toad Trucks“.  We were really lucky to have had a chance to visit this years shows and some of the vehicles on display were simply stunning.  I am no expert, but I do know […]