On our latest photo escapade, we landed in the fair city of Nanaimo, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island.  A wonderful city, full of history and heritage, Nanaimo is the largest or second largest city on our island.  It kind of depends on who you talk to.  Regardless, it’s a wonderful place full of fabulous photo opportunities!

Our brief visit found us in the heart of the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo.  Yesterday’s post “St. Andrews United Church” was photographed across the street from where today’s  post was shot.

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

Cobblestone alleys, vibrant colors in the trees, lovely little local stores just full of wonders and of course, the hanging flags that all adorn this little niche all serve to create the most magical place.  The Old City Quarter of Nanaimo is absolutely chock full of things of interest.  Our visit on this day was to follow-up on some business, so we didn’t have the full day available to shoot here.  We are very much looking forward to going back soon to capture some more of the architecture and artifacts that create this most wonderful district.

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

Modern times tend to be fast-paced, and sometimes a little impersonal.  When we find a place that hearkens us back to an older, simpler time, we can’t help but pause and reflect on our surroundings.  This lovely, quiet street is inviting and full of color as the summer leaves grace the street with their shade and beauty.  People feel comfortable in walking right on the streets as traffic is light and the folks are all friendly; no concerns about being run over, that’s for sure.

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

As we wander the streets, peering in the windows of all the wonderful little stores, we are beckoned to come in and peruse the wares.  Time is short for us this day, but we will be back, and it will be soon.

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

Old City Quarter - Nanaimo BC Canada

This picture was taken a little deeper into the alleyway than our first picture in today’s post was taken.  Usually I try to refrain from posting shots of the same subject from slightly different angles, but this picture was special to us and warranted its own highlighting.  This is a picture I have been planning and working on for over a year now and everything came together to make it happen on this trip.

Lobelia’s Lair is a tiny little store just full of the most wonderful and magical items you cannot find elsewhere.  Jewelry, incense, nick-knacks, decorations, books… you name it, there is an abundance of wonderful little items to take in, enough to keep us busy for hours to say the least.  Mrs. Toad and I often refer to this place as Diagon Alley, in accord with the Harry Potter movies if you are familiar with those.  The kind folks who run this store are a true delight to talk to and are some of the kindest people we’ve met on our adventures.

Vancouver Island has many of these types of stores, and they really add to the feeling you get on the island here.  A touch of magic for a magical place, if you will.

Thanks for the visit today, folks, we really do appreciate it!  Please feel free to leave any comments you may have, we love to hear from all our visitors!!

  1. These images do a great job of giving a flavor for what this community is all about. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Beautiful images. I love the vibrant colors.

  3. avatar Dave DiCello says:

    Wow, just love the series here Toad, wonderful colors!

  4. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Another wonderful series Toad. Love the tree lined streets and the colors are wonderfully vibrant.

  5. This is all so familiar, the place I was born! The vibrant colours really add to the feel. Nice job Toad.

  6. avatar Mike says:

    What a wonderful looking little town and you have done it justice!

  7. avatar Rachel Cohen says:

    Wow, such an awesome place you guys live in. The images are great! I love the beautiful colors, and quaint atmosphere. You’ve really captured it well!

  8. avatar ChrisdMRF says:

    Been a little behind on things of late. Fortunately I caught up with this. Great blog my friend the colours are amazing and really bring the place to life