Happy Monday, everyone, we really hope you all had a great weekend!  We sure did!  Mrs. Toad and I managed to sneak out of The Hollow and do up a series of photo shoots, so we’ve got some real exciting pictures to share with everyone this week!

We’re very busy Toads here living completely fulfilling, action-packed lives.  It’s all very exciting; lot’s to see, adventures to go on, a plethora of rich and wonderful architecture to enjoy and a never-ending supply of incredible things to photograph and share!  So today’s post is a special one; one we’re so very happy to share with everyone…

On Saturday we were invited over to our very best friends house for a day of laughter with family.  Those who know me, know that when I was a little tadpole and hit the shores of our beautiful island here, I encountered a special person.  This person was to become my very best friend, and as the years have gone past and our friendship deepened, is now considered my chosen brother.  He found and married the most wonderful girl and they are true soul-mates.  In our hearts they are the best friends and family a pair of Toads could ask for.

As the girls were spending some time together on the back patio, my friend and I snuck away to explore the backyard.  And explore, we did!

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Nestled deep in their backyard sits an enchanted garden.  Complete with a treehouse, a rope swing and a countless supply of hiding places, I swore we could hear the Trolls making their way around us, rustling the leaves and underbrush.

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Whether 3, or 93… there is nothing more magical or enticing than a treehouse.  A place to go and sit and use your imagination…  worlds are created and destroyed, countries invaded, magic spells cast, insects captured and studied, and deep discussions about the boy or girl in class you like.  These are the places where our future minds are fostered.

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

As time passes and the young ones grow, they tend to spend less and less time back here, but the foundations are never forgotten.  As the light dances into the hidden fortress, the ivy vines slowly begin to encroach.  A perfect spot for fairies and trolls to hide!

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Treehouse - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Perched high atop the lookout, the entire kingdom can be surveyed.   No trolls or gnomes can rush this fort as long as the one on watch is vigilant.  An escape route is handy and planned well in advance.

Enchanted Yard - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Enchanted Yard - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

One can always scurry down the ladders and head for the rope-swing.   The sun beams through the trees creating a magically lit outline of the rope, further increasing the sense that for now the trolls are at bay.  But nightfall is never too far away…

Enchanted Yard - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Enchanted Yard - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

We can sit and rest a spell; chasing trolls and gnomes can be tiring work for the wee ones!

Enchanted Yard - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Enchanted Yard - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

A secret gate, hidden by the brush and foliage, is the escape…  just in case you’re being chased.

Troll's Door - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Troll's Door - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

The trolls are ever wary…  the children can run fast and tend to jump out of hiding places.  We hear the door slam shut as we come upon the trolls entrance, narrowly missing them… this time.

All is silent again in the enchanted garden.  The only sound is the wind rustling the trees.  If you listen close, you can hear the voices of the magic ones as they talk and plan for the next encounter.  It is time to go now, the sun begins to set and shortly the trolls, gnomes and fairies will emerge from all their hiding places and come out to claim the garden as their own.

Thanks so much everyone, we really do appreciate you taking the time to visit.  Please feel free to leave us any comments you may have, we really love to hear from all our visitors!

  1. avatar Chris Nitz says:

    So what is the secret password to get into your home in the trees? Also, is there a no girl rule, cuz you know they coodies 😉

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 😀 😀 I loved it all, especially the troll door! 😀

  3. avatar Viveca Koh says:

    Magical! I especially love the last shot, it’s a beauty 🙂

  4. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Wonderful images and story Toad. Love being a kid again. I never had my own tree house but feel like I did after reading your narrative.

    • Thanks Len, I can honestly say both my friend and I felt like we were 6 again playing in the backyard there. It was a great day, to say the very least. We’re THRILLED that we had a chance to bring you something meaningful today and thank you so very kindly for taking the time to leave these great comments!!

  5. Wow beautiful images. I love the 2nd one. What a great hideout.

  6. A virtual fantasy land Toad. The dappled light, the tree-house and the rope swing, all affectionately photographed, convey joy and genuine warmth. Thank you for sharing your friend’s (and your) wonderous world.

    • Gosh, Barbara, I am sitting here reading your wonderful comments slightly overwhelmed… what a fabulous thing to share with us here, thank you! We sure do appreciate all your friendship & support, my friend, more than we can possibly say!

  7. avatar Rick says:

    You have some great story telling ability and the pictures are the perfect pieces to compliment the story. Looks like a great place to have fun! I wish I had a tree house growing up.

  8. avatar ceciliag says:

    Wow, that was wonderland wonderful… how magical.. thank you so much.. i think i want to live there.. c

  9. avatar Fred Norris says:

    Nicely captured old boy,these images take me back to my young years in Burgess Hill where I was lucky enough to have a treehouse.Top notch Toad love the last image of the Trolls Door!

    • One day you must hit our shores, Fred, so we can go on an adventure together and see some of these sights! Many thanks for all your support & the friendship you’ve given us, it means so much!

  10. Terrific images and a fun story to go with it. Always great to read your posts.

  11. avatar Jim Nix says:

    lovely shots Toad, love that Troll door and that one sunflare is awesome!!

  12. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    Great series of shots, Toad. What a magical place to hang out.
    Lovely and creative write-up and that sun flare simply adds to the overall theme. Fantastic!

  13. avatar Jason Hines says:

    I always wanted to have a treehouse like that was I was young. Great shots Scott – thanks for sharing!

  14. avatar Dave DiCello says:

    What a fun series of shots my friend!! The lighting is outstanding, and I’m with Jason, I always wanted one of these!

  15. avatar Mike says:

    I love this one Toad. What a wonderful place of enchantment and excitement. Your use of light and shadow in your compositions was spot on, added an entirely new dimension and sucked me into the scene like a vortex. WELL DONE!!

  16. avatar Tom Barnett says:

    This is a wonderful post!

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