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We’ve got a couple of bonus posts for our blog in terms of updates to previous stories.  Tonight we are going to revisit the Holiday Court Motel, which is now nearing its final days and it would seem is in the middle of a minor political kerfuffle.  Please see our previous post ““Holiday Court Motel” – The Toad Hits The Swamp” for the background if you’re interested.

Holiday Court Motel - Victoria BC Canada

Holiday Court Motel - Victoria BC Canada

The new proposed development is slated to be a high-rise business facility, and the developers and the city are currently deadlocked on a minimum parking stall issue.  The local article “Editorial: Replacing Holiday Court” from the Times-Colonist newspaper contains all the details.  For me, it’s a completely bittersweet situation; the new development offers the potential to improve the city, but to be honest I’ll miss the old motel.  It’s been here since before I got here in 1980 and has always been one of those landmarks that has made me feel at home for some reason.

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