We just recently wrapped up a major photoblog series titled “The Toad And The Bear” which discussed a development community just outside Victoria, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  This area is named Bear Mountain, and at one point in time was widely considered to be the crown jewel of developments in the Victoria area.  Not so much, anymore, and you can certainly feel free to read the details behind the controversy and lost dreams behind this story by checking out our previous blog posts.

Bear Mountain Overpass - Victoria BC Canada

Bear Mountain Overpass - Victoria BC Canada

This picture is a repost from our initial blog post on this series, and is a perfect image to accompany today’s update.  We have some news in terms of this bridge to share with our audience, and suspect this is just the first such post we’ll be doing over the course of the coming year.

As mentioned in our photoblog series, this overpass was originally designed to alleviate some of the rather nasty traffic congestion in the area created from the addition of the huge development.  As the core development group went bankrupt and was unable to contribute their portion of the funds as agreed upon in a deal with the municipality, a For Sale sign went up at the overpass.

We literally do have a bridge for sale.

Well, maybe not so much anymore, it seems we have an update to this running story.  Now, before all Vancouver Islanders run out to light some fireworks in celebration, it’s not really the news we were all hoping for, but under the circumstances any positive news on this overpass is welcomed by commuters.

According to those in charge of this issue now, the funds required to fully achieve the long-term goal set out when building this bridge in the first place are around the $32M mark.  Construction of a band-aid solution to allow at least some traffic to utilize the bridge and alleviate some of the congestion areas surrounding this bridge, a short-term project valued at approximately $7M is about to go ahead this fall, if all goes as planned.  The remaining roughly $20M needed to fully complete this project is still a far-off, but now not completely lost, dream.  This local newspaper article in the Time-Colonist discusses this issue.  The article mentions that is seems the property owners are going to be left on the hook for this initial financial expenditure.

It would seem that our local editorials are less than enthused about this latest development, and it really doesn’t sound like this latest stop-gap plan has any real hope of changing some of the downright dangerous and highly annoying situations daily commuters see in the general area.  The editorial “That bridge to nowhere” in the Times-Colonist discusses this aspect of the topic.

As always, we’ll be there when this area starts to change with the active re-development, and we’ll be bringing you any new images we possibly can.  This really is one of those “the truth is far stranger than fiction” stories, so if you haven’t read the previous posts on this topic in the series “The Toad And The Bear“, we really encourage you to do so and promise you won’t be disappointed.

  1. avatar Heather says:

    Oh my goodness 😐

  2. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Well, being that ronald MacDonald is trying to sell this bridge, it would seem that none of it being taken seriously enough! Thanks for the update Toad!

  3. avatar ChrisdMRF says:

    It’s a start Toad

    • Indeed it is, my friend, indeed it is. After the years we’ve had to sit here and watch this all unfold like some cheap paperback novel plot-line, anything in terms of forward progress is welcomed.