Welcome back to The Hollow, everyone!  We’re back after taking an extended weekend here, we were tuckered toads so we took an extra day off to hang around the Lily Pad.  We’re continuing our adventure today at the Antique Truck Show, held here recently in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  If you’re just joining us, please feel free to check out the previous posts in our running series “Toad Trucks“.

Our recent visit to the Antique Truck Show was a definite highlight to our summer.  We got to meet tons of great folks and check out a plethora of trucks that you just don’t typically see roaming the roadways.  It’s always amazing to see what drives someone to fall in love with a particular vehicle, and to see their vision come to life through the restoration and ongoing maintenance of something unique.  Today we look at one such truck.

Hayes HDX-H07 Logging Truck - Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

Hayes HDX-H07 Logging Truck - Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

Some folks are driven to love a specific vehicle spurned on by their love and appreciation of a certain industry segment.  Today’s showcase truck is one such example; this is a heavy-duty on and off-road logging truck ordered by one of our local logging companies.  Delivered to the Expo ’67 site for display before being placed into active service, this incredible truck must have been a show-stealer.

Hayes HDX-H07 Logging Truck - Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

Hayes HDX-H07 Logging Truck - Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

As with almost all vehicles designed in the 50’s and 60’s, chrome was the word of the day.  And this gorgeous truck does not disappoint.  The intended purpose of this truck was to support the logging industry deep in the forests of BC.  Designed to travel off-road, this heavy-duty behemoth was built to take a pounding in some of the harshest conditions any vehicle could be asked to operate under, yet still the designers took the time to add some beautiful details that we still enjoy all these years later.

Hayes HDX-H07 Logging Truck - Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

Hayes HDX-H07 Logging Truck - Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

While we were viewing this truck, Mrs. Toad commented “no wonder so many people get injured in this industry, look at the size of this thing!”.  I would have to agree.  Heavy metal, sharp edges, big moving parts…  the ingredients of a vehicle to enjoy by all, but also the core ingredients responsible for injury to the operators.  This is not a truck to be trifled with, to say the least.  It is something to be respected, and today, enjoyed from a few feet back.  Not only that, but it’s red.  Like, really, really red.

A local family to the island currently owns this truck, and it only was recently retired from active duty.  At that time, they restored it completely with the intent of sharing it with folks to keep the memories alive of a previous time, a time where logging was one of the key industries in BC.  Times have definitely changed, but at least we still have this absolutely wonderful truck to behold and remind us of times now past.

Thanks for your kind visit today, we really appreciate it!  Please do feel free to leave us any comments you may have as we truly love to hear from all our visitors.

  1. avatar Chris Wray says:

    Wow, now that’s a truck! Impressive piece of engineering.

  2. avatar Jason Hines says:

    That is good looking truck right there. Thanks for sharing Toad!

  3. Great write up as always. That is an impressive truck. Must of been fun to see that in person.

  4. That is one very red beauty.

  5. avatar Jose Vazquez says:

    Love that red! Some beautiful history right there.

  6. avatar A.Barlow says:

    Holy crap I want that truck!! Thing looks like a freaking BEAST.

    • I think that “beast” is what this thing does in it’s part-time job! It’s absolutely huge, Aaron! I’d love to take you out for a spin in it, but I wasn’t allowed to drive it unfortunately!! LOL 🙂 Thank you ever so much for your kind visit my friend!!

  7. avatar Fred Norris says:

    Awesome truck Toad,love the images!Did they let you take it for a spin through the pond??

    • Well, Fred, it seems that I have formed a bit of a reputation locally with my “driving skills” and alas, was not allowed to pilot this gorgeous monster, no matter how much I begged and pleaded. 🙂 Thanks so much for the visit & wonderful comments today, my friend, it’s always a highlight of our day to see you pop by!

  8. avatar bealykid says:

    Nicely captured, that is a seriously red truck, you’ve mixed in some beautiful skies and landscape. Sweet!

  9. This has got to be “Toad Red”. You’ve captured every angle of this truck so perfectly and I love the stark contrast with the sky. But oh, that red! It’s just yummy! That was a professional description . . .

  10. avatar jimdenham says:

    That’s a serious truck! Looks like it still roll pretty hard, but glad it’s now set up for Toad photos so we can all enjoy! Good stuff!

  11. avatar Cathy Ross says:

    That’s a mighty fine piece of equipment…and while big trucks have not been something to enamor me in the past…I am totally enamored with your processing and vantage point!! Great post Toad!!

  12. avatar Tom Barnett says:

    What a beauty! OMG! What a fabulous find! Thanks for this one Toads! Love it!

  13. avatar Dave says:

    These are awesome shots. That red is so striking!

  14. avatar Chris Nitz says:

    Another wonderful set of images Toad. That is almost to nice looking to be a logging truck.

  15. avatar Jim Nix says:

    nice work my friend, that red just pops!!