As it stands right now, our plans are to roll out a great new series of images next week we have captured in the little town of Chemainus, on Vancouver Island.  This is the town where last weeks images of the interior of the castle came from, and the little town itself is absolutely rich in heritage and history and is full of wonderful buildings and items of interest to look at.  We’re pretty thrilled to be sharing this with everyone, so please do stay tuned.

But for today, we’re going to take a peek at two images that we captured during one of our scheduled shoots in Chemainus that were really striking.  These images were captured in a tiny community called Saltair, just outside of Chemainus.  They are true representations of life on Vancouver Island, and west coast living in general, and we hope you enjoy them.

Meandering Driveway - Saltair BC Canada

Meandering Driveway - Saltair BC Canada

I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but sometimes when Mrs. Toad and myself are out and about hopping around doing a shoot, we encounter something that is just wonderful to us but we can’t always totally understand why at the time.  During the post-processing of this image it became abundantly clear to me why I was drawn to this image, once I was able to finish it and truly take it in.

At first glance we take in the wonderful country driveways and the surrounding trees.  A slightly closer look reveals some further gems hidden here.  Just behind the trees in the left portion of the image sits an old and slightly weathered garage.  But, the real gift to those who enjoy this sort of imagery and spend some time with it has to be the small splash of color we see from the flowers right at the end of the driveway.

Falling Down Building - Saltair BC Canada

Falling Down Building - Saltair BC Canada

This picture has to be the star of today’s show, though, it really does.  When Mrs. Toad and myself encountered this building, I put both feet on the brakes and came to a screeching halt.  Well, OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much…  we just couldn’t believe our eyes in this find and were pretty excited to capture it.

This building is located on private property and this was as close as I could possibly get to it.  Another example of how Mother Nature reclaims that which is forgotten, to say the very least.  It appeared to us as if the building is collapsing in on itself and a closer look reveals some really interesting elements here.  The window is missing; we can only guess that as time continued its relentless onslaught, the window became broken as the framing around it weathered.  You can also see a chimney of sorts peering from behind some of the foliage there which really presented a series of questions to us…  was this originally a cabin someone lived in?  If so, boy, that must have been quite a long time ago now…  or was it an outbuilding on the property?  If so, someone went through the expense and trouble of installing a wood stove in it.  The building meant something to somebody as some point!

It kind of goes to show that sometimes the most amazing things are out there, if you only keep your eyes open.  Mrs. Toad and myself have adventured up in this area countless times before and never noticed this…  but when we were specifically on a shoot, looking for things… it popped right out at us.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post!  Thanks ever so kindly for taking the time to pop by today, and we encourage you to leave us a comment as we always love to hear from all our visitors!

  1. avatar Steve Beal says:

    Nice captures! Get in there and do some UrbEx!! 🙂

    • Thank you SO much for your visit today Steve! If only I had friends like you nearby where we could do this sort of stuff together… ever thought about moving out here? It’s quite nice, you know! LOL Really appreciate the comments today, my friend, thank you so much!

  2. avatar Kristi Hines says:

    Looks like the nature just grew up around it. Nice find! 🙂

  3. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Totally love the mystery around the second shot, and the pic portrays it as well. Nice job!

  4. avatar chrisdmrf says:

    Excellent post toad. Reaaly like the eye for detail

  5. avatar Jose Vazquez says:

    I’m really loving the surreal look of these shots. I spent a bit of time on Galiano and Salt Spring Island for work. So much beauty out there. Beautiful shots!

    • Thank you so much Jose, it sure is great to see you here today! Really appreciate those wonderful comments, my friend! If ever you are out here again, please let us know, we’d be delighted to get together!!

  6. What a charming little place!! Awesome Pics!! You have the absolute coolest places to shoot there Mr. Toad!!

  7. avatar Heather says:

    Well you know I love it 🙂 I really do 🙂

  8. avatar Jerry Denham says:

    Toad it looks like that old delpadated shack is just part of the natural landscape now. Great images as usual

  9. You keep doing it to me, Toads. I want to be in that car with you next time you come to a screeming hault. Christine has warned me about BC. A photographers paradise she says.And what stopped you from going closer? Tere should be no boundaries where a good photo is involved = unless it has teeth or packing a double barrel (or both in the case of ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’.

    • Howdy Tom! LOL We just love reading your comments here at The Hollow my friend, you always bring joy to us and our readers! Thanks so very much for taking the time away from your busy schedule in the dungeon to pop by today. You know what they say, if you wanna be in the car with The Toad when we find such a wonderful gem, you’d best get on up here for a visit! I guess with a team of tadpoles and Mrs. Toad who all rely on me, my propensity to stay out of jail tends to keep me off private property, but lately I’ve been getting more courageous about this sort of stuff. How long, exactly, would it take for bail to get here from your part of the world my friend? If we knew this detail, we could plan more accordingly for our next stop!

  10. avatar Jan Winther says:

    Love the shack in the second shot. Nice!

  11. avatar Jim Nix says:

    nicely shot and processed Toad, great series of images!

  12. avatar Dave DiCello says:

    It really is camoflouged in the woods there! Amazing captures!!!

  13. I agree with Steve – get in there and have a look – what are they going to do – tell you to get off their land!

    Nice images and commentary on this one!

    • Thank you SO much for taking the time to visit us today Mark, that really means a lot. This particular place has a neighbors house only a few hundred feet to the right of it, and the main house for the property is just beyond that line of trees there… there’s no way I can get on or in there without being seen or caught, and we have too many tadpoles at home that rely on me remaining in an un-incarcerated state for this to be wise. However, I continuously look for opportunities to do just this! I was thinking about trying to contact the owner to get access to the place…. we just don’t have facilities like you guys have in your part of the world here…. We sure do appreciate the visit today, my friend!