The King’s Bedchamber

Posted: 17th June 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Welcome back everyone!  Today we continue our exploration of the inside of a castle situated in Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island in Canada.  This is the 2nd installment of a mini-series we’ve posted.  If you’re just joining us, please feel free to visit yesterday’s post “In The Castle’s Keep” to see the first installment.  This castle is in the backyard of a new friend of ours who has just recently moved to the island and bought this wonderful B&B.

For today’s post we are going to take a look at the master suite and the accompanying en-suite bathroom.

Master Bedroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

Master Bedroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

Now, if this setting doesn’t make you feel like royalty, I am not sure what would.  The details in this room that contribute to the overall feeling are just wonderful and incredible.  The walls are textured to give the impression they are made from the finest crafted stone, the bed itself is absolutely torn from the pages of “Interior Design For Castles Circa 1650”, and we have another knight here watching over the visitors to ensure a safe and relaxing visit.  Light from the outer balcony drapes over the bed and floor creating both a private and inviting feel contrasted with a sense of outdoor light.

Master Bedroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

Master Bedroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

As you look up in the bedchamber, you get a sense of the detail that went into the architectural design of this space.  The peaked, tall ceiling with the window provide more muted light for the room and the twinkling lamp adds a touch of antiquity.  The statues of the dancing couple and the harp really add a touch of drama, as does the inviting staircase that leads you up.

If only this glorious bedchamber had a master bathroom suite to enjoy a romantic evening.  Oh, wait….  it does….

Master Bathroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

Master Bathroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

You must admit, this is taken straight from a movie set, isn’t it?  Too good to be real?  No, my friend, it most certainly is not.  I was completely overwhelmed with the castle suite, and when we were exploring it and came around the corner to this scene, I was completely taken in.  All the little details and touches that help to whisk you back to a time hundreds of years ago are here.  Imagine sitting in the soaker tub there with your favorite King or Queen, sipping a flute of champagne…  this is, indeed, the life!

Master Bathroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

Master Bathroom - Castle B&B - Chemainus BC Canada

Is there any way it could possibly be more romantic?  Yes, yes, there is…  the gorgeous fireplace in the master bathroom also faces into the front living room area of the B&B suite.  We could just imagine what it must be like to be here in the evening with the twinkle of the candles and the fireplace and the warm glowing lights from the light standards in the room.  We cannot wait to get a chance to come and spend the night here.

This glorious B&B is located in a tiny little community, called Chemainus.  This town has resurrected itself after a bit of a downturn in the economy closed most, if not all, of the forestry industry here.  We have a series of images coming from the town in the near future; an absolutely quaint and wonderful little place that feels like time stands still.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit us today, it really means so much.  As always, we encourage you to leave us a comment if you wish as we truly love to hear from all our visitors.

  1. Why would you ever leave this suite? Ok, maybe for a cheeseburger! Captivating, warm images Toad. The high ceilings prove that no detail was overlooked. Hope that you Toads have a great weekend!

  2. what a cool looking place! great shots! 🙂

  3. avatar Bob Lussier says:

    Gorgeous place, nicely captured!

  4. avatar A.Barlow says:

    Wow, that painting thing above the bath is freaking awesome!

  5. avatar Jerry Denham says:

    That first shot is beautiful Toad. Not that the rest aren’t terrific, but the tones and all of the first photo is just money!

  6. avatar Heather says:

    You and Mrs Toad need to stay the night here! WOW!

  7. avatar Mike says:

    Hiya Toads. If these folks are not paying you commission, they certainly ought to be. It is a magnificent place but your photography is doing it great amounts of justice my friend.

    • We are really working with our new friend who owns this lovely place to do up a full commissioned shoot for her, for marketing, online etc. We delivered a package of these sample images and she loved them, so we do hope to garner some future business here! What a glorious location, eh? Thanks so much for your kind words, Mike, it really means so much!

  8. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Yeah, this is very much like the bedroom in our house…NOT! Wow, what gorgeous details and design. Fit for a king for sure! Well done Toads!

  9. avatar ChrisdMRF says:

    Sumptuous room, sublime processing, top post Toad, really love the way the processing is sympathetic to the subject

  10. avatar Tom Barnett says:

    Whoa. Great stuff! Love this interior work. Great text to go with it!

  11. This post, “Mr. ToadMaster”…blows me AWAY!! This whole castle series is beyond Amazing!!

  12. What a lovely place – I wouldn’t be leaving in a hurry – looks wonderful. Hope you both have a great time!

  13. avatar Jim Nix says:

    another wonderful series of shots Toad, love it mate!! hope all is well out there!

  14. I don’t know if there’s anything left to say! These are absolutely stunning! The quality of your work just astounds me. I know you had a great time here shooting. Great mini-series. Sure appreciate you sharing this with everybody! Your friend should definitely want to commission you guys for this place. Hope all is well at the lily pad 🙂

    • We’re doing awesome here, Michael, and now much better for knowing that you’ve been by! Thank you SO much for your wonderful visit today & the kind comments, it really means so very much to us!