In The Castle’s Keep

Posted: 16th June 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’ve been looking forward to bring you these really interesting images for a while now.  On our photo shoot of Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island in Canada, we met a wonderful new friend.  She has just recently moved to Vancouver Island and bought herself a B&B.  In the backyard of this gorgeous heritage house sits a castle that is being readied for use by visitors to the B&B.  Today’s post highlights some interior shots of this castle, and to be quite honest, we’re thrilled with the results and really hope you enjoy them, too.

We are going to run a 2 day mini-series here with these images, and today’s post is the first batch.

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

When we first encountered this room we were absolutely mesmerized.  It looked and felt like something from hundreds and hundreds of years ago, complete with old artifacts and tons of elements in regal purple.  Indeed, a scene straight from an olden castle!

In this shot, we take in all the wonderful purple highlights, the classic and antique feel of the furniture and the decorations that really really feel like they were taken from a 1,000 year old castle in Europe just yesterday.  The beautiful window creates a gorgeous point of interest here, and the textures on the walls really looked and felt like antique stone-work.

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

Without a doubt, this is my personal favorite image from today’s post.  The glass in the window provides a backdrop to the scene, and the wonderful artifacts presented on the desk hearken us back to an older time.  I also just love the textures in both the book on the stand, and the woodwork that surrounds the windows.

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

A noble knight stands guard for the castle’s visitors, ensuring their stay is relaxing, safe and peaceful.  If you didn’t know where you were while taking in this scene, there is no way you’d know that you weren’t standing in a very, very old castle.  More regal purple adorns the furniture, helping to give a slightly mystical feel.  You can just imagine Merlin the Magician strolling through here…

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

Castle Interior - Chemainus BC Canada

A sitting room complete with a gorgeous chaise lounge, old style lighting elements on the wall, and the gorgeous antique style double-opening doors helps to set the stage for a wonderful enchanted evening, if you choose to stay.  Once again, purple accents help to really create a noble and regal sense from a time now gone.  This Toad wanted to spend a night with Mrs. Toad in this castle only to awaken in the morning, grab my trusty sword, mount my lightning-fast steed and ride out into battle.

Or at least to the local grocery store to grab some breakfast for us.

Now, granted, Canada is just over 100 years old, so this building was built to mimic a castle, but we have to say this was a job well done.  Tomorrow, we have some posts of the bedroom and the wonderful en-suite bathroom.  With summer approaching, we are hoping to get invited back for a full commissioned shoot for our new friend, and even perhaps a chance to stay a night.  What a wonderful and enchanted place.

We sure do hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post as much as we did bringing it to you!  This one in particular was a blast for us to do; it was our first real interior shoot with such a wonderful subject.  Thanks so much for your visit today, please do feel free to leave us comments, we love to hear from all our visitors!

  1. avatar Jason Hines says:

    Wow! Really great stuff here! I love the textures in the wall, and I like that they used a lot of purple in the decor. Purple is (was) supposed to be the color of royalty. Great work my friend!

  2. avatar A.Barlow says:

    wow man nice HDRs! Love that little knight!

  3. avatar Hector Garza says:

    The textures are superb as expected from you… but those purples really caught me, they look fantastic.
    Purple is supposes to be the color of royalty and power. I think it was the one of the most expensive dyes to produce… therefore it is associated with wealth and power.

    • Hi Hector, thanks so much for taking the time to pop by and leave these WONDERFUL comments, my friend! Stay tuned, we’ve got one more post from this location coming tomorrow! Thank you so much for your visit today!!!!

  4. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Fantastic photos and great processing Toads! Well done!

  5. avatar Kristi Hines says:

    Those rooms just look like they were made for artistic creativity – I can imagine sitting at the desk or on one of those chairs writing a manuscript that would one day be a classic! Beautiful photos – looking forward to the next part! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kristi! I’m with you on the manuscript notion, at first I was quite convinced that William Shakespeare wrote his masterpieces here only to suddenly realize this castle is less than 100 years old… there goes that theory! We sure do appreciate your visit & wonderful comments today, my friend!

  6. avatar Jim Nix says:

    these are AWESOME! love this group of shots mate!!

  7. avatar Mike says:

    Hey Toad. I caught this series on Facebook and commented there as well. I am in love with the inside of this Castle and I especially very drawn to the room depicted in your last shot. It appears to be very relaxing….somewhere to get lost in. Well done!!

    • Thank you SO kindly Mike! I saw your post over on our Facebook page there and really appreciate you taking the time to check that out and our blog here today! You are a great friend! Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, we’ve got a few more of this wonderful subject coming!

  8. avatar Jan Winther says:

    Those images looks amazing, Sir Toad. I find amazing that the owner has tried to keep it true that period. My favorite is the sitting room image. Just too bad that the light switch is a modern type. Love your realistic result of the post processing. Looking forward to part two.

  9. I absolutely love the image that peeks through to the porch outside. It’s so interesting to me because you’ve framed it with only portions of the main subjects. Very creative crop, Toad. Ok, and purple is my favorite color!

    • Awesome comments Barbara, you have no idea how happy I am to see you got the intent of that image as I created it! Top drawer! Sometimes in photography I find that it’s the things left to the imagination that produce the most compelling results for the viewer. Purple is definitely my favorite color too! (Next to black, but is that really a color, or pure absence of such?). Really appreciate your visit & comments today Barbara, if there was a prize to send out here from The Hollow, you’d be gettin’ it today!

  10. avatar Cathy Ross says:

    I’m Speechless! This is positively my all time favorite post of yours! Each photo held me captive. Wonderful, Wonderful Work Toad!!!!!

  11. Excellent work my friend! These pics are amazing. It sounds like a really neat place to visit. I definitely like your favorite as well but that view out the window in the 3rd shot is beautiful! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  12. avatar Heather says:

    OMG! Toad! You make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to decided where I should stay when I visit! This place is COOL 😀 I LOVE #3!

    • Most excellent, Heather, we’re happy beyond words to see you enjoyed our post here! If you liked these, stay tuned, we’ve got some INCREDIBLE images coming from the castle and the little town it lives in!!

  13. avatar ChrisdMRF says:

    This is simply outstanding Toad, Love the work done on this place and love the way you have captured and processed it.