While we were at the Wooden Boat Show at the Maple Bay Marina, we really did encounter many interesting artifacts.  The marina is a true nautical place to visit, and has much more to offer than just boats docked.  Nestled in the Cowichan Valley, you are surrounded by mountains, the ocean and many elements typical to island living on the west coast.  We’ll take a look at a few of these wonderful elements in today’s blog post.  In case you are just joining us, our ongoing series “The Hollow’s Backyard” showcases our experiences and a series of images captured at the festival.

Lamp Post - Wooden Boat Festival - Maple Bay Marina, BC, Canada

Lamp Post - Wooden Boat Festival - Maple Bay Marina, BC, Canada

One of the best parts of our experience at the festival this year was taking in all the contrasts.  The festival was intended to showcase the workmanship and beauty of classic and modern wooden boats, but also reflected more than just that.  An open market was held in the main square of the marina, and many wonderful and unique vendors were there sharing their wares with the visitors.  The marina itself is full of absolutely incredible artifacts, both nautical and otherwise, and this shot really exemplifies this, we feel.

Lamp Post - Wooden Boat Festival - Maple Bay Marina, BC, Canada

Lamp Post - Wooden Boat Festival - Maple Bay Marina, BC, Canada

Yes, this is another lamp-post.  I suspect you can see a theme emerging in today’s blog posting.  I just love this scene; the classic lamp-post really helps us harken back to an older time, but if you look closely you will see a boating artifact in the background there that is bright, bright red.  I am sorry to say, I don’t know what that item is called, maybe one of our visitors can shed some light on that.  If you’ll pardon the pun.

Wooden Boat Festival - Maple Bay Marina, BC, Canada

Wooden Boat Festival - Maple Bay Marina, BC, Canada

As we sat at our table, meeting all the visitors and interacting with everyone, this scene was sitting just a few feet away.  Beckoning me.  I just love this picture, there’s so much to take in and it really really showcases island living and marina life here on the west coast.  As summer approaches, we can’t wait to head back to the marina to capture some more images and really soak in the lifestyle.  After all, that’s why us Toads live on the coast, isn’t it?

Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit today.  We really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and we welcome you to leave us any comments you may have as we love to hear from our visitors!!

  1. avatar Heather says:

    I love all these pictures 🙂 Have a good day Toads <3

    • Thank you so much Heather, we really hope you’re feeling better there! Really appreciate you taking the time to visit when you’ve under the weather like that my friend, best wishes from us at The Hollow!!

  2. I absolutely love this “life saver” haven. You can’t miss the nautical theme, but you’ve captured its heart beautifully, Toad. Wonderful saturated colors! Where’s my deck chair?

  3. avatar Cathy Ross says:

    What a cool & wonderful place you Toads live in…I really love seeing your beautiful slice of paradise in your photos!!

  4. avatar Tom Barnett says:

    Toads, This is a fantastic post! Lots of fun. Great images!

  5. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Good stuff Toads. The last image is quite interesting with all of the boating implements! very cool post!

  6. avatar Jerry Denham says:

    Love the shot of the boat paraphanalia. Lots of color and detail. Working in the boating industry hits home with your trip to the boat show. Very cool series Toad.

  7. avatar chrisdmrf says:

    Love the texture of the wood in #3. Really bringing this to life

  8. avatar Jason Hines says:

    I have always loved the classic looking lamp posts like that! The last one is my favorite shot though. Thanks for sharing Toad!

  9. avatar Kristi Hines says:

    Looks like a great lifestyle to be immersed in! All of your photos give me a sense that it’s just a peaceful, wonderful place to be!

  10. avatar mindymilburn says:

    LOVE the shot of the life rings! You inspire my friend!

  11. avatar candis says:

    Looks like a lovely place to spend some time! Love the bright colours and detail in the last photo. I can see why it drew your eye. :~)

  12. avatar Jim Nix says:

    nicely done Toad, I especially love that last shot, great series!!