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Posted: 21st April 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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This post is dedicated to my best friend, who is the best friend a Toad could have.  We’ve known each other since we were mere tadpoles and pretty much have grown up together.  He is not just an amazing amazing person, he’s also the best scout a photographer could have.  Many of the photos we post were found and scouted by him, and today’s post is of no exception.

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Progress marches on, development is rampant in our area, and certain things that were quite common and regularly used in the city somehow become utterly forgotten and forlorn.  This stretch of road you see was once part of a main artery that connected two districts on the lower part of the island.  Today it is completely closed at both ends and not easy to access.  My friend told me about ingress and we had to climb over a small gully and make our way up an embankment to find this place.

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Mother Nature is completely relentless.  She never rests.  The entire universe is always slowly cascading towards chaos.  With this in mind, it’s not out of the realm of normal to see a tree growing out of the pavement of what once was a busy street.  This tree is not just any tree, either.  It’s an Arbutus tree, which is a very rare tree that is not seen in many parts of the world.   It is native to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California regions and is Canada’s only native broad-leaved evergreen tree.

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

As we continue to walk up this stretch of forlorn road, around the bend we encounter a large berm.

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

This appears to be the end of the road.  Just over the barricade is private property and absolutely no signs of this road remain at all.   Like it always ended here.

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

As we stand atop the pile of rocks looking back the way we came, we see a ribbon of road that follows a gentle curve.

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Forgotten Road - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Around the curve we come, only to encounter another dead-end.  Completely closed off at both ends and utterly inaccessible by any form of vehicle, this road is now only traveled upon by the ghosts of those who came before.

The day Mrs. Toad and myself were out on this shoot it was very cold and damp, with a bitter bitter wind.  The sky was brooding and helped to create this overall sense of mystery.  The air was still, you could only hear the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, some of which were growing out of the road itself.  It was a very eerie setting and helped to create the overall atmosphere.  I thought I heard a faint beep of a car horn followed by a voice yelling at me to get off the road, only to turn and face a dead-end.  At times it felt like we were the only 2 people left on earth….

I’ve been really looking forward to this post for a few weeks now, and we hope you’ve enjoyed visiting as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!  Please leave a comment if you so wish, we truly love to hear from our visitors.

  1. avatar A.Barlow says:

    Wow I think you stumbled on something really sweet here man! Great shots!

  2. Hallucinating is just one aspect of exploring isolated spaces. At least you’re not alone 🙂 I love the mystery and deep, rich tones, that you’ve captured in all of these images, Toad.

    • Thanks Barbara!! Really glad to hear that I’m not the only one who hears things like this… is it bad that this sometimes also happens when I’m driving?? LOL

      Thank you SO much for your absolutely wonderful comments and your visit today, my dear friend, that means so much to us!

  3. avatar Jason Hines says:

    This looks like some of the roads in Arizona during monsoon season. Terrific images Toad, and thank you for bringing us there with your words.

  4. The photography is stunning. Light, color, texture, detail, & composition; all pull us into your work. Candy to the eye. Your photographs also show that what we don’t use, mother nature reclaims!

    • Wow, thank you SO much for your really kind words Linda, I really needed this today! We sure do appreciate you taking the time to visit and leave these great comments, thank you very very much!

  5. avatar Ryan Sexton says:

    Nice textures, I especially like the way the road looks.

  6. avatar Chris Nitz says:

    Such a great set or road shot Toad. I really like 2,3, and 4. Exceptional work!!

  7. Wow! I love these shots today, Toad… especially that second one! Just great! Well done!

  8. Oh my Gosh…I just love your post today Toad! Kind of an eerie quiet feel to the photos today. That road pulls me right in. You captured both a look and overall feeling of solitude.

  9. avatar Jim Denham says:

    This is fantastic Toads. Had to be an amazing feeling to be on this winding ghost land – like The Omega Man! Wonderful documentation!

    • Thanks so much Jim!! It was very very eerie my friend, only the sound of the wind surrounded us and honest to God we were totally hearing things! It was a lot of fun, that’s for sure! Many thanks for your visit & absolutely wonderful comments!!

  10. avatar Kristi Hines says:

    It looks like something out of a fantasy movie, where nature comes to life and starts moving towards you. I have seen abandoned buildings, but not too often photos of abandoned roads. I love how the tree is just growing out of it in the one shot. Great captures! 🙂

    • Thanks a ton Kristi! I was very much looking forward to making this post, I just love these images! Kind of a little surreal, eh? Really happy to see that you saw what we saw in this bizarre scene & enjoyed it! Really appreciate your visit!

  11. avatar Fred Norris says:

    Love it Toad ,the first shot reminds me of an album cover from the 70’s.Great story,great job!!

    • Hey Fred, muchos gracias for your visit & comments my friend! I never really noticed that before, but you’re absolutely right! It DOES look like a trippy 70’s album cover! Great notice there my friend! Really appreciate your visit today, thanks so very much!!

  12. avatar John S. Mead says:

    I totally love this post! I want to go & walk this road! it seems magical!

  13. avatar Steve Beal says:

    Nature always takes back! Love the shots Toad!

  14. like these- I’m always a sucker for ‘where does that go’ type of shots – nice sharp images and processing.