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OK, let’s imagine for a moment that part of the reason you just bought your new house was because you were promised a thriving town to facilitate easy living.  Twinkies, Ho-Ho’s, Snickers Bars, 12 packs of both soda & beer, movie rentals, haircuts…  all just a few feet from the doorway of your new abode.  […]

For today’s post on the series “The Toad And The Bear” we take a brief stop in what we call the village area of the Bear Mountain complex.  I believe this is the area of the development that has had the most attention and resources allocated as it appears to be almost finished… almost. What […]

We’re thrilled to bring you the next installment of our latest series “The Toad And The Bear” which highlights a story filled with intrigue and mystery.  The Bear Mountain development located just outside of Victoria in the community of Langford has all the elements of a made-for-Hollywood movie, including hundreds of millions of dollars, police […]

Please visit our blog post “The Toad And The Bear” for the back-story to this photo series.  Today’s post is a long time coming, and it’s a new series we’re so very excited to bring you!  This photographic series details and documents the current state of affairs at the Bear Mountain development project in Victoria […]

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We are excited to launch a new series today based on a local story of intrigue that involves hundreds of millions of dollars, famous hockey players, and all sorts of allegations of wrong-doing.  This series required 3 separate photo shoots to get all the photographs together, countless hours of post-processing and a vast amount of […]


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We hope everyone has or is still enjoying their Easter long weekend, we sure did!  After a few days away from The Hollow ourselves, we’re happy to be back here at our blog today.  We’ve got a few images to share with you of my foray into Beacon Hill Park the other day, here in […]

Detour Ahead

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This post is dedicated to my best friend, who is the best friend a Toad could have.  We’ve known each other since we were mere tadpoles and pretty much have grown up together.  He is not just an amazing amazing person, he’s also the best scout a photographer could have.  Many of the photos we […]

One of the very best parts of living on the West Coast of Canada is our heritage.  Sure, Canada is a new country in terms of the world, but before North America was found and settled our lands were inhabited for centuries, and these coast dwellers have left behind a rich and colorful heritage for […]

Up A Tree

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This is one busy Toad today, folks!  I am sorry if I am sparsely available today, I’ve got some priority work to deal with and may be sporadic with our involvement online.  We purchased a new 50mm prime lens earlier this week to accommodate some upcoming commission shoots we are anticipating.  I’ve been working with […]

Two Toads at a Fine Arts Show; we blended right in, I am sure you can imagine.  The artwork posted at the exhibition was extremely diverse, created by a truly gifted group of local artists to the Cowichan Valley.  Mrs. Toad and myself had the best time getting to know some of these wonderful folks […]