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The Dread Pirate Paddlewheel Ship

Posted: 17th March 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography

As most of you know by now I love turrets on buildings.  A lot.  I guess it’s no surprise to find out that I also love pirates.  Now, I don’t usually pack a musket in my day-to-day travels, but I have been checking out this really cool eye patch at “Pirates ‘Arrr Us” just around […]

On any typical summer day in Victoria, you will find the city full of tourists and locals mulling about, enjoying the outdoors and the local scenery.  One of the favorite stops of everyone is the Beacon Drive In, a landmark restaurant in the city. After having visited the site several times before to capture some […]

As has been stated over and over again, sometimes you find the most interesting subjects just by taking a look around you.  I have a few images to share with you today that definitely fall into this category. As I was doing a shoot of some heritage buildings, I returned to my car and noticed […]

New Kid On The Block

Posted: 14th March 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Heritage homes and buildings are definitely our favorite subjects to capture here at The Hollow.  We have a few really wonderful older homes to share with you today, as well as a surprise at the end! Here we have a typical home in the James Bay area of Victoria.  Most definitely a heritage era home,  […]

Part of me is sad on Friday’s when we’ve been running a series, we have so much fun bringing these to you and the feedback we’ve received has been truly overwhelming!  Today we draw our series to a close at Whippletree Junction.  We really hope you’ve been following along, and have enjoyed this series. The […]

In a time where everything is “instant” and stress is the mantra of the day, these olden scenes really take you back in time instantly.  Our Whippletree Junction series continues today with us exploring a few old homes that were salvaged from the wrecking ball and brought here to the Junction to be refurbished and […]

Since you’ve arrived here, there’s probably a good chance you’re wondering what a Kerfliffity Fflumoxor is.  To be precise, it fflumoxes kerfliffity’s.  You know, those dull, shiny kerfliffity’s you see in all the new stores?  Still can’t figure it out?  Well, let’s take a look at it in pictures…. As Mrs. Toad and myself enjoyed […]

As we continue our adventure at Whippletree Junction, today we take a closer look at two of the more famous facilities.  The first one is the original Bank and Post Office from Mill Bay that was relocated and refurbished and now is home to Black Coffee. This wonderful heritage building looks like a Bank/Post Office […]

We’ve been very busy here at The Hollow lately with getting ready for our upcoming Fine Art Show in the Cowichan Valley as well as doing photo shoots of really interesting sites and facilities.  We’re thrilled to kick off a new series this week “The Toad At The Junction” which highlights a wonderful little collection […]

In a rapidly evolving world, we love old customs, history and heritage.  There’s something distinct and character-filled in historic artifacts with some of our very favorite being our local buildings here on Vancouver Island.  The West Coast of Canada was definitely a big part of early Canada and contributed a lot to the countries growth.  […]