Flying Out On A Limb

Posted: 25th March 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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The lazy days of summer are just around the corner and who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned rope swing?

Tree - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Tree - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Mrs. Toad and myself encountered this magical little inlet the other weekend on our adventures together.  I’ve lived on the island since 1980 (pretty tough to do considering I’m only 24 years old, or something) and have never came across this area before.  We found it quite by accident.

The rope swings in the tree created a strong sense of story here for this image.  At low tide, as seen here, you probably wouldn’t want to play on that rope swing unless you wanted to end up with a mouth full of sand and rocks, but at high tide in the summer this must be a total blast!

Tree - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Tree - Vancouver Island BC Canada

We find that trees, especially in the winter when they create a foreboding silhouette against a sky, create a masterful presence in a scene.  We couldn’t help but wonder what this tree has seen over the years.  How many people have spent some peaceful time under its wondrous branches?  Mother Nature creates the most unique and truthful art.

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  1. Boy, you know how to make a girl feel really old! I love root formations (especially when they are above ground) and tree trunks – have just a few thousand in my archives. Thanks for capturing one of my favorite subjects. Wonderful images Toad. Have a great weekend!

    • Barbara, you my dear are very very young and should not let any old, crusty Toad make you feel otherwise!! 🙂 There is something really beautiful about trees and exposed roots to me, as well. I can’t say I’ve got thousands in the tickle trunk just waitin’ to go, but I can say that those I have shot are some of my favorite images. Quite the departure from the typical architectural stuff you see here at The Hollow, eh? Many thanks for popping by today and leaving us such great comments, much appreciated!!

  2. avatar mindymilburn says:

    Really great photos, the first one is my favorite. So beautiful with so much texture. What a great find.

  3. Great detail, Toad. Very desolate!

  4. avatar Heather says:

    That tree would be beast for an amazing treehouse 🙂 Swiss Family Robinson style!

  5. avatar Chris Nitz says:

    Awesome find Toad. All you need now is a big body of water to swing into! Oh to be a child again 😀

    • We’re not kids anymore Chris? I didn’t get that memo!! LOL No kidding, my friend… I think at high tide the water is up to the beach there and would definitely make for a suitable landing spot! Get on up here, my friend, summers just around the corner!!….

  6. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Cool find for this time of year. Must be some great stories there! Well done Toads!

  7. Always a JOY to stop by and see what adventures you and Mrs. Toad find yourselves on! Love the swing…reminds me that spring and summer are just around the corner!