Every Toad likes to think of his swamp as his castle.  You need more than a bunch of flies hung on the walls as trophies to decorate the place up, to make it feel homey.  Unfortunately any orders for ornaments placed at Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. won’t be filled anytime soon.

Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. - Vancouver Island BC Canada

The back-roads of Vancouver Island are chock full of really interesting finds.  The island’s inhabitants may not have been here for hundreds of years to create and leave behind some of the artifacts that you see from societies steeped in a rich and long-term history, but the items that we do encounter can really be different and interesting in their own rights.  Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. is a great example of such.

Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. - Vancouver Island BC Canada

This business has been closed for years and years now.  It’s been driving me nuts, I’ve been hoping and planning to shoot this place for a very long time.  Mrs. Toad and myself pass by here many times a year on our back-road excursions, usually in our Corvette with the roof down and our arms waving out the car as we pass…  I just love this building and was thrilled to get a chance to capture a few images of it.

Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Saltair Welding & Repair Ltd. - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Sitting in the sun in the summer and the cold and rainy air in the winter has taken its toll on the sign.  Big portions are now unreadable, but the textures and details that remain are truly noteworthy.  We just love the old, green light that remains and hangs over the sign.  I doubt it’s been illuminated in years.  We also love the 3D aspect of the welder that is on the sign, almost like a relief image.

My experience tells me you just never know when you’ll go past a favorite stomping ground, only to find the landscape has been radically changed, usually due to a new development being slated for the property.  I was very happy to finally get a chance to capture this scene while it was still authentic and unmolested.

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  1. What a great find! Beautiful photography!!


  2. As usual, you show us some great images! Love this shots, Toad!

  3. avatar chrisnitz says:

    Great post Toad!

  4. avatar Viveca Koh says:

    Nice post Toad, and I love the idea of you and Mrs Toad in the Corvette with the top down 🙂 I especially like the bottom shot of the sign, it’s a beauty, and it’s equally poignant to see the samples of metalwork hanging on the walls. You’ve captured a little bit of history here.

    • Thank you so much Viveca, that means so much to us! We probably spend far too much time in that wonderful car with our hands in the air! LOL Thank you so much for your visit and kind words today!!

  5. Glad you got to shoot this one. It’s very interesting to see stuff like this sit vacant that long and not have someone else go in and reopen it or put something else in. Really great shots!

    • I love this old building; every time we go past it I just want to go inside so badly! Yeh, it feels great to have a chance to document these before they disappear! Thanks for the visit my friend!!

  6. avatar Kevin says:

    in the early 70’s I used to go watch him working in the back..welding away..I was just a little kid..curious about all the sparks..He always made me stand at the Big door so i wouldn’t hurt my eyes…these Photo’s have a deep meaning and great memories for me..

    • This is such a meaningful comment to share, thank you for sending us your story! This is exactly why we love doing what we do here, these connections are so incredible. Thanks for taking the time to visit and for leaving us your wonderful thoughts!

  7. avatar Kevin says:

    Can you send me a Hi res. Copy? I was the Kid who grew up next door…