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There is no stopping the constant march of progress!  We’ve received tons of feedback from folks on this series as we move along, and even a few local folks who actually live within blocks of this zone.  We’re thrilled with the response so far, and we hope you enjoy today’s post. These shots really spoke […]

As we continue to explore an active demolition, today’s post showcases a series of new HDR photos we captured during the act.  As you read today’s post, these buildings are now long gone, all that remains is a barren lot. This was the scene as I encountered upon arrival.  With the car in the driveway […]

Today’s post is a little different.  Usually here at The Hollow, we like to focus on beautiful and interesting homes, buildings and landscapes.  Today, however, the swamp is hit with a wrecking ball. Readying the area for a new massive condo project requires the removal of the existing homes.  To many, this may seem like […]

No More Late Fees

Posted: 12th February 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Raise your hand if you’ve never had a late fee from a video rental store!  Anyone?  Anyone?  No one, eh?  The only way that we know of to avoid these annoying charges is to rent from a store that’s…  closed.  Forever. The brooding sky creates such a dramatic overlord for the scene in front of […]

Two Down, One To Go

Posted: 11th February 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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This week my best friend told me about this block in town that was in process of being demolished to make way for a new condo monstrosity project.  It seems that even though the economy is in trouble here, there is no lack of appetite from developers to build these massive structures where a character […]

I am really excited to share today’s post with you, it’s one of the most wonderful scenes I’ve encountered in this city to be honest!  This little home is situated smack dab in the middle of a pretty bad area in town, and at first glance you may think it’s in poor shape.  Closer scrutiny […]

When we were kids, we all liked to play with rocks.  We’d toss them in the ocean or lake, toss them at our neighbors windows or just toss them at someone who annoyed us.  Sometimes this would happen only once, and eventually the bruises do go away leaving a life long lesson about throwing things […]

The Toad Finds A Burrow

Posted: 8th February 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Let’s take a brief stroll together in one of the older areas of Victoria.  This area is full of original, smaller modest homes that are full of beauty and character.  These homes are typically 1 and 2 bedroom houses with very little in terms of square footage, but lots in terms of interest. The beautiful […]

Today’s adventure finds us right in the core of downtown Victoria, on the harbor-front.  This is where the city all started and we have many examples of classic architecture here to enjoy.  We have plans for a future photo shoot of the legislature building in the city as well, it’s a magnificent building.  Without further […]

Shabby Chic

Posted: 5th February 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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On today’s adventure we find ourselves back in the same neighborhood we were a few days back.  This neighborhood is definitely a neighborhood in transition.  It’s quite the mixed lot of people who live here, ranging from people who sell drugs for a living all the way up to struggling families just trying to get […]