Dodging The Wrecker

Posted: 28th February 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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As anyone who knows us will tell you, we love cars and trucks.  Especially old and classic ones.  In the spring, if the snow ever decides to stop, we’ll pull our beloved 1987 Corvette convertible out of the garage, get her detailed up and do a full on photo shoot of her.  In the meantime, with snow and ice all around us, we have to settle on other people’s cars and trucks to fulfill the yearning.  Today, we showcase this really great 1958 Dodge full ton pickup truck that sits for sale just outside of town.

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

I’m pretty sure she was red as some point, this isn’t all rust!  Sure, we’ve got an area here and there that might need some touch-up paint, but this gem is just waiting for the right people to come by and recognize what a beautiful old truck lies underneath a layer of neglect.

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

This shot really emphasizes the front end of the truck.  I’ll be the first to admit that this baby won’t pull any extraordinary numbers in the wind tunnel.  Today’s cars and trucks seem to have lost a lot of character, in our opinion, and these old vehicles really had a ton of it, if you’ll pardon the pun here.  The missing headlights and the open grill really give the truck a personified feeling.  She might be a little grumpy looking right now, but with a little this and that, she could be a real looker.

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

All the fenders, doors and bumpers are all still intact.  The rust can be removed and repaired by a skilled body-man, and in today’s world there are a plethora of engine and transmission options that can be acquired to bring this baby back to life…  and back to life with a rumble in her boots, striking fear in those around her!  New generation engine kits, like the CRATE kits you can get directly from GM, come with great warranties and a ton of horsepower and torque.  A little fabrication and all of that would drop right into this truck.

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

1958 Dodge Pickup Truck

There is definitely enough left in the interior to work with!  I love these kind of shots, this one in particular looks to us like an area of the window was cleared up a bit for us all to peek inside.  The lines and details on these old vehicles is simply something you won’t see again.  We really hope that someone who appreciates classics like this comes along and brings her home for a day in the spa!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.  Stay tuned, we were out all weekend grabbing images to share.  We got a new series of photos coming from a local landmark that we feel everyone will truly love.  Please feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear from everyone!!

  1. avatar mindymilburn says:

    I LOVE these shots!!!

  2. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Cool post. I totally agree with you on the lack of character in newer trucks, especially in comparison to these older models. I still love the trucks, old or new, but trucks like these definitely have stories to tell where newer models end up just being put to rest. The metal is weak and you don’t see the scars and dents like in this one. Great post!

    • Thanks Jim, that means a lot to me here! I see that you have a similar passion for these lovely old gems as I do. My best friend and I used to work on his 1949 GMC pickup, it was awesome. It’s a love we got young, and seems to have followed us our whole lives.

  3. avatar Bob Lussier says:

    Cool! Love the truck. and 1985 was a good year!

  4. It’s not an antique, but it’s parked in an appropriate spot, next to an antique book store! I love the snow on the hood; a resolution to get through the winter. Great angle shots, Toad. Go back in the spring before someone snatches her up!

    • I am totally with ya on this, Barbara, no kidding! I didn’t really notice the book store myself until you mentioned it! Nice notice! 🙂 Thank you so very much for taking the time to pop by and leave such a wonderful comment today, it means the world to us!

  5. avatar Steve Beal says:

    I like your variety of angles, framing… really great shots and definitely a classic truck!

  6. That’s ace – nice to find things like this around town – be interesting to know how much the owner wants for it?

    • Thank you so much for visiting and leaving these comments today Mark, we really appreciate that! I believe the price was only a couple thousand dollars on this gem. It would take some seriously deep pockets to bring her back to life. It would be incredible finished, though…. 🙂 Many thanks Mark, we really appreciate your support!!

  7. avatar Oscar says:

    Totally agree with Jim, this old truck has much more to tell… nice pics..!!!

  8. avatar Cathy Ross says:

    Wonderful series!! Great rust!! 🙂

  9. avatar Fred Norris says:

    Nice shots,I would love to see the after shot once this gem is restored!

    • No kidding, Fred, me too! I fell in love with this truck, it reminds me of one my best friend restored growing up. Really fond memories there, so this truck is a little personal to The Toad.

  10. Great shots all around! This is such a beautiful piece of machinery and like you said you just can’t find anything like this anymore. Classic cars and trucks are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. I know this old truck would look fantastic all fixed up! Keep up the great work!

  11. avatar Dave says:

    Can’t get enough of old vehicles. Nice job with these shots, love the colour.