We’re kicking off a brand new series titled “A Toad In The Turret” here this week.  This series showcases a wonderful castle that eventually became the Royal Roads Military College.  The castle was designed and built by the Dunsmuir family in the early 1900’s.  This family started in the coal industry and eventually became a big part of local politics and architecture.

Hatley Park Castle - Victoria BC Canada

Hatley Park Castle - Victoria BC Canada

This is the Hatley Park Castle.  Mrs. Toad and I recalled seeing a sign somewhere on the premises on the day we were here doing the shoot saying the castle was the summer home for the Dunsmuir family.  This castle; a summer home.  If that doesn’t make you say wow, I don’t know what would.

As mentioned in a previous post, I love turrets.  Any building that we find that has one or more instantly fascinates me and I feel compelled to explore the outside architecture with my lens.  It’s almost bigger than me.  I found myself completely taken by this castle.  Starting with the lion’s head fountain in the center bottom portion of the image and moving up to the fantastic roof-line and protruding chimney stacks.  The stonework is just wonderful and we’ll be exploring this in detail in the coming posts.  We also have a substantial number of images of the attached gardens, and some of them really show off the wonder of the castle and its grounds in regal manner.

This image is a panorama taken of the castle and we thought it would make a wonderful way to kick off the new series.  We have over 20 new images to share with you on the continuing series, so please do stay tuned.  Please feel to leave a comment!  We love to hear from our visitors.

  1. Yes it’s definitely a wow place! You managed to capture the beauty of this castle wonderfully. I love all of the details in the stonework. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series! Great job!

  2. Thanks you guys, really appreciate you taking the time to pop by and leave such wonderful comments.

  3. avatar Chris Wray says:

    Wonderful shot, Toad! Beautifully captured.