We continue to explore an active demolition today with 3 new HDR photos of the site.  We will be wrapping this series up tomorrow and we are thrilled with the response we’ve received with the series so far.  Sincerely hoping that you all are really enjoying this!

Demolition - Victoria BC Canada

Demolition - Victoria BC Canada

As the activities progressed, the scene began to change.  A pile of junk and rubble was starting to build in the yard here from the house that was going through active demolition.  This house only had a manner of moments left, itself.  In this image we can see the empty oil tank we saw from another angle in yesterday’s post, and the famous bathtub.  We also get a small glimpse into the basement of this place, and can see that stuff remains inside the house.  I was really curious, but again, due to the work underway and the way I was being watched, I could not get inside.

Demolition - Victoria BC Canada

Demolition - Victoria BC Canada

Definitely don’t be fooled by this picture.  At this time, pretty much the entire top floor is gone, if you look closely you can see daylight coming through the upper floor windows.  The chairs in the backyard might have been inviting the week before this shoot, but today they look alone and out-of-place.

Because I'm Worthless - Victoria BC Canada

Because I'm Worthless - Victoria BC Canada

This was the second most poignant image we captured of this day, the first most poignant will be coming tomorrow when we wrap up this series.  This box probably contained some form of electrical wiring to the houses for Lord knows what reason.  I grabbed the shot at the time because of the way the excavator was setup in the scene, with its teeth wide open on the right side of the frame looking like it wanted to eat this utility box.  When we were processing it, Mrs. Toad noticed right away the graffiti on it… and immediately was able to recognize the words “Because I’m Worthless”.  This was a highly emotional moment to realize the irony and dichotomy of the entire day and then to take in these words.  There’s definitely more worth in 100 small condo units on this land, so the point that the artist was trying to make really hit home.  As a deeper understanding set in, the silence was deafening.  To us, this is entirely profound, we hope you get a sense through this image of our experience.

As mentioned, we’ll be wrapping this series up tomorrow with an image that is so replete with irony and dichotomy that you will be amazed, we really hope.  It made both Mrs. Toad and myself go “Oh My God!” while we were processing it.  So, on that note, we hope you enjoyed today’s post, and please feel free to leave us a comment!!

  1. avatar Steve Beal says:

    Toad – get inside and shoot 🙂 Great shots!!!

    • LOL Thanks Steve!! There was 2 very hairy and scary looking gorillas at this site this day… don’t think the thought didn’t cross my mind!! I was even tempted to try the ol’ “Hey, ain’t that an albatross over there?” to see if I couldn’t deek ’em out. 🙂 Thank you SO much for taking the time to visit and leave a comment today, good sir, coming from you this means a lot to me!!!!

  2. avatar Abby Elliott says:

    My husband is one of those hairy scary looking gorillas so those guys never stop me 🙂 Usually they’re just teddy bears! Great shots 🙂

    • Um, I hate to point out the obvious but I ain’t no pretty girl!!! I think you have additional weaponry that I fail to have at your disposal. LOL Those guys probably would have let you in in a heartbeat; me, on the other hand… LOL

  3. avatar johnsotiriou says:

    A pretty girl would never refer to herself as “Toad”. You should find out who owns the excavator and see if you can establish a relationship or rapport!

    • You’ve never called me pretty before John, thanks, I think!! LOL 😉 This is a great idea, definitely for future shoots. Unfortunately this location is just an empty lot now, these shots were taken a couple weeks ago.

  4. avatar Cathy Ross says:

    Great series Toad!! I really enjoy your work!!