Time Stands Still

Posted: 28th January 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’re thrilled to take you on a quick journey today into one of the older neighborhoods in Victoria.  This area is full of old, original Victorian styled homes that are brimming with beauty and character.  While I was out and about yesterday I came across these 2 lovely old homes, and they just beckoned me to capture them to share with everyone.

Heritage Style Victorian Home - Victoria BC Canada

Heritage Style Victorian Home - Victoria BC Canada

This is just such a wonderful example of classic Victorian architecture.  The 2 bay windows in the front reach up through the front porch/overhang area, and add so much interest in terms of architectural styling.  You just don’t typically see this level of detail in most modern homes.  The light beckons on the front porch, creating a welcoming atmosphere, you can almost smell the cookies baking from the road.

Heritage Style Victorian Home - Victoria BC Canada

Heritage Style Victorian Home - Victoria BC Canada

This most beautiful old home almost made me gasp as I came upon it.  The gray color of the siding, contrasted with the yellow trim and red roof really popped out to me as a scene taken from 100 years ago.  The fine detailed lattice-work that adorns the columns on the front of the house really adds a true element of femininity to the facade, and this is well deserved; she is a most beautiful example of pure Victorian architecture.  The red door and bay window situated at the front truly hearkens us back to a simpler time.  The curtains in the front window complete the heritage feel of this scene.  And we cannot forget the beauty of the leaning tree in the front yard, adding a sense of drama and purpose to the overall scene.

We hope you enjoyed today’s journey back in time!  We have much more to come, so please do stay tuned.  Also, please feel free to leave us comments, we truly love to hear from everyone!

  1. avatar Heath O'Fee says:

    Love the second house, and the way you captured it. Very nice composition, dude!

  2. avatar Abby Elliott says:

    Love these. The second house especially! Beautifully done.

  3. avatar Cathy Ross says:

    Scott, I just had a chance to really browse through your blog…WOW!! You’ve got the HDR techniques down! I’ll be visiting often for inspiration. If it’s OK, I’d like to link your blog to UrbanGritt. So glad we met and thanks for all the kind notes and tweets!!

    • Wow Cathy, thank you so much for those really kind words. I am really honored by your comments on our HDR work, that really means a lot to me coming from you! By all means, please do go right ahead and link to us! I am going to setup a section here for my favorite photographers and link back to them.

  4. avatar Jim Denham says:

    LOVE these kind of houses! Wish more would be restored! Great post Toad!

    • Thanks Jim! To me, the Victorian and Craftsman style architecture is just so beautiful. The homes are full of character and interest, you just don’t see modern homes that evoke the same feelings. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving comment today!