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Posted: 26th January 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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For today’s adventure, we’d love to take you on a brief tour of a few farms in the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island BC, Canada. This valley is special because it’s flanked on one side by the mountain range that runs almost the entire length of the island in some form, and on the other side is the ocean.

Farm - Cowichan Valley BC Canada

Farm – Cowichan Valley BC Canada

This is your typical, quintessential farm on the island here.  Many of the farmhouses are around 100 years old.  This may not be old to many standards, for certain, but due to the very damp and chilly climate we have most of the year here, buildings and homes tend to become weathered and worn fairly quickly.  This scene depicts your classic farmhouse on a knell overlooking the valley.  I absolutely love this scene.

Farm - Cowichan Valley BC Canada

Farm – Cowichan Valley BC Canada

This beautiful farm is nestled in the arms of a local mountain.  In the distance the sun drapes the side of the mountain, highlighting the natural forest.  On just the other side of those mountains lies the ocean.  A picturesque and beautiful setting for sure.

Farm - Cowichan Valley BC Canada

Farm – Cowichan Valley BC Canada

I have a thing for barns.  Red and weathered barns in particular.  This one struck me as incredible with the wonderful red roof and the mountain range in the background providing a really powerful element to the scene.  This photo was captured on a very cold December afternoon, and the clouds on the horizon are harbingers of a looming storm.

Farm - Cowichan Valley BC Canada

Farm – Cowichan Valley BC Canada

This image was taken around the back of a very busy bee farm in the valley.  I believe these buildings were designed for farm storage.  Years of harsh and wet weather has really started to take its toll on the buildings, providing a rich and detailed image.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s stroll through the countryside on Vancouver Island.  As always, please feel free to leave comments, we truly love to hear from you!

  1. It’s a lovely looking countryside in fact it looks very much like my part of the world. Perhaps all rural areas are similar? A great set of pictures too. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave! It’s actually a little funny, Vancouver Island has a lot of architectural and styling influences brought over from England and the UK. We are hoping to get into downtown Victoria in the next few months for a shoot there, I am sure you’ll be surprised at how familiar everything looks… Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment today, very much appreciated!!

  2. avatar Jim Denham says:

    I love farms – wouldn’t work on one unless I absolutely had to, but love what they represent and think there is a basic beauty to them. You’ve done a great job bringing that out Toad! Good job!

    • Gosh Jim, thanks so much my good friend! Your support and kind words really do mean a lot to me!! I totally agree with you on all counts; the old farmhouses up here are just beautiful in my eye. As a matter of fact, our house is over 110 years old and was part of an original farmstead in the Cowichan Valley area…. we LOVE it here. Many thanks for taking the time to drop such a wonderful comment, much appreciated!

  3. Very pleasant. There is something to be said about a farm house or barn that’s surrounded by rolling hills. Reminds me of Vermont and Kentucky. Great images!

  4. avatar Viveca Koh says:

    These have a very ethereal look about them, as well as a real chilliness despite the bright colours (love that red roof!) – thanks for sharing your winter stroll with us!

  5. Really good images, your best yet. you’ve done a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the locations, barns and surrounding countryside. Keep it up!

  6. Take a deep breath, feel the stress flutter away, pressure’s off. Ok, now we’re in your neck of the woods. You’ve captured the essence. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

    • Gosh Barbara, you really do have a way with words! I always look forward to reading your comments and truly appreciate you taking the time to leave them. You really do see the vision that I try to share with everyone, that means a lot to me.