“Port Renfrew Hotel” – The Glint is Gone

Posted: 28th December 2010 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’re back from the Christmas break, and we’re happy to report we have a fairly hefty catalog of new images to post!  We had a great Christmas, and we hope you all did too.

My wife and I went to the resort we visited on our honeymoon this year for Christmas.  It was the best present I ever had, a few days completely alone with my most beautiful and lovely wife.  I feel very lucky.  On the way back we took a different route that takes you through an area of the island that is not inhabited very much, save a couple of very very small towns.

One of these towns, at the end of a specific highway, is Port Renfrew.  This town was originally formed as a thriving logging town, and like many small towns in BC these days, is currently in a financial state of decline.  The main hotel in town, the Port Renfrew Hotel, is a lovely old hotel dating back to 1927.  The day we arrived in town, the rain was teaming, leaving many areas with significant pools of water.  We thought we might go to the local hotel for a bite of lunch and enjoy the view overlooking the ocean.

"Port Renfrew Hotel" - Vancouver Island BC Canada

"Port Renfrew Hotel" - Vancouver Island BC Canada

In the early days of the hotel the local fishermen and loggers did not get along at all.  Fights were common at the bar and a local justice of the peace, Morris Palmer, became the town peacekeeper.  The safe in the hotel became the towns first bank, and to this very day has never been robbed.

At the time we visited at the end of December, a sign on the door read the hotel was closed until spring.

Needless to say we couldn’t wait that long for lunch and went elsewhere…

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