In The Eye Of The Beholder

Posted: 20th December 2010 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Art is by it’s very definition a very subjective thing.  Many images that one may consider to be highly artistic can be considered flotsam and jetsam to others.  As the Christmas season is upon us, I find that this is a time where people become introspective and tend to consider things we haven’t had the time to consider all year long.

Now, I’m not completely sure how that relates to today’s photo but I find this image conveys a certain feeling that comes with the time of year.  Autumn is long past and most of us are well settled into winter in our area.  The leaves are all long gone and many of us have white snow covering our immediate surroundings.  The Christmas season is here, however, and with it comes beautiful colors and lights as people decorate their homes and businesses in keeping with the times.  I find this all to be an interesting point of contrast.

For today’s photo, we have a wheelbarrow.  This wheelbarrow is located on the deck of one of our favorite restaurants in the area we live in.  As autumn was drawing to a close, the owners of the restaurant left the wheelbarrow out, and it managed to accumulate some leaves.  The entire scene caught my attention while my wife and I were having lunch and I thought it turned out rather nicely.  I hope you agree.

Objet d'Art - Autumn Wheelbarrow

Objet d'Art - Autumn Wheelbarrow

We sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying this time of year and all that it brings.  Thanks for spending time with us this year, we really enjoyed the interaction.

  1. avatar Jim Denham says:

    wow, nice to see a color other than black and white! The leaves on the floor make it that much better. Nice!

  2. Really like this one, very vibrant