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Posted: 17th December 2010 by ToadHollowPhoto in The Toad's Musings
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I thought we might wrap the week up here at The Hollow with a bit of an update.  Some great subjects have been brought to our attention that we will be endeavoring to shoot here in the near future.  A group of previously unnoticed old and weathered buildings and structures located in the heart of Victoria are perfect targets for our lens, we will be heading directly into town to try and capture the essence of these buildings before they disappear forever.

I also just returned from grabbing a few images of 2 buildings located right on the waterfront in downtown Victoria.  I believe these 2 buildings are some of the original business buildings in the city and they are both boarded up and abandoned.  Scuttlebutt around town has it that both these facilities are now sold and are earmarked for future development.  I have no further details as to the nature of this new development, but did manage to grab a few stellar photographs of the buildings today.  The light was perfect, and the clouds overhead provided the perfect sense of contrast for the scene.  These new images need to be fully processed and should be available on our site in the next few days here, Monday by the latest.

Also, my wife and I discovered a few new areas further up island in the last couple of weeks that merit further exploration.  Several roads lead from the main roadways to secondary roads many of which are dead ends.  We’ve never been up these roads before, but given the fact that they appear to be raised elevations as well as near the ocean, I am expecting that we will find a few photographic opportunities there as well.

In short, please stay tuned! We have many new images to capture and post for your enjoyment! We hope you enjoy visiting our work and we thank you for your time and support.

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